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Big Data and Data Analytics in Genealogy

August 8, 2016

Big Data and Data Analytics is every where, even in Genealogy.

I have worked in Big Data throughout my business career. At one time, managed a database of 30 million customers with 10 plus years of customer transaction data for multiple different products. That is big house-holding and tracking address changes was a challenge when we built our customer profile

That is nothing compared to managing my family tree. Its not as big as that database at work. I just have 13 generations of descendants of Louis Loisel that first came to Canada in 1643. That means over 50,000 individuals, 19,000 marriages, over 12,000 attached photos and documents, email list for over 1,000 extended family member.  Many family members before 1930s might have had multiple name spellings and the surname used at birth was likely a different name from the one used at death, and that wasn’t because of marriages.

I am looking for a database manager to clean the data to prepare for data analysis.

Are you interested? Any tips for managing genealogy databases? Let me know by posting a comment below.