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Francois Fafard de Lorme

September 26, 2010

Francois Fafard was shown in 1666 Census in Trois Rivieres, QC and in 1681 Census in Quebec, QC with his parents.

“Francois dit Lapavane or Delorme (1660-1734), first marriage in 1683 to Madeleine Jobin, second marriage in 1713 to Barbe Loisel. This coureur-des-bois and trader followed his brother Jean to Detroit.”

Thomas J. Laforest, Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume VII, Page 88

Francois Faford Delorme was one of the first settlers of Detroit with land grant given in 1707. He followed his brother Jean there.

28      Francois Fafard de Lorme, March 10, 1707, for 4 livres and 10 sols rent, and 10 livres for other rights.

From his first marriage to Marie-Madeleine Jobin, he had 10 children. 

Francois Fafard dit Delorme was hired to be an interpreter with the First Nations people, and was a founder of Detroit with Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac.

On 18 May 2002 the plaque honoring the first 51 French-Canadian voyageurs who accompanied Antoine Lamothe-Cadillac to Detroit on 24 July 1701 was dedicated. You can find the plaque next to the Cadillac statue and state historical marker in Hart Plaza, Detroit. To our knowledge, this is the only historical plaque in the state of Michigan erected by a genealogical society

After his first wife died, Francois Fafard remarried. On Dec 30, 1713, he married Barbe Loisel, her third husband.  They married in Sainte-Anne de Detroit, MI.  Francois Fafard died 10 years later, on Jan 28, 1734. He was 80 years old. 

Barbe Loiselle survived him by another 9 years, she died Dec 24, 1742 in Quebec, QC.


Lambert Closse

June 6, 2010

Son of Jean Closse and Cecile de la Fosse, born in Lorraine Region of France.

He crossed to New France in 1647 and settled in Ville Marie.

He was equerry (in charge of the stables) and Sergeant Major of the city garrison.

He replaced the governor, Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, during his absences.

On Feb 26, 1652, Lambert Closse and Francoise Gode were godparents to Francoise Loiselle, b. Feb 26, 1651 in Montreal, QC

In 1651, on Sainte-Anne’s Day, 200 Iroquois attacked Ville-Marie, particularly the hospital. Lambert Closse and his men continued this desperate struggle throughout the whole day. The attackers lost a lot of men. Denys Archambault, oldest son of Jacques Archambault, while lighting a cannon for the third time, “was killed by an explosion from this weapon which shattered and killed a lot of the enemy”.

He was given a land grant in Montreal in 1658.

Lambert Closse married Elisabeth Moyen on 12 Aug 1658 and they had two daughters.

Lambert was killed in combat against the Iroquois on 6 Feb 1662 in Montreal.

Jean Desroches and Francoise Gaude

June 6, 2010

Francoise Gode or Gaude was named after her mother.
Arrived in Ville-Marie in 1642 with the whole family. She was from Perche Region of France and was nine years old at the time.
She married at age of 14, in 1647, to Jean Desroches. This was the first wedding celebrated in Ville Marie.
The couple had 13 chldren, Francoise died at Pointe-aux-Trembles on 9 Mar 1715 at 82 years of age.

Their two sons, Jean and Nicolas, were one of the first students of Marguerite Bourgeoys’ first school in Montreal, in 1653 – with Francoise and Jeanne Loisel.   The boys went to school with the girst until mid 1600s.  Later the Suplician priests, in particularl, Gabriel Souart, taught the boys.

On Feb 26, 1652, Lambert Closse and Francoise Gode were godparents to Francoise Loiselle, b. Feb 26, 1651 in Montreal, QC

-Jean Baptiste Jr DESROCHES b: 11 Dec 1649 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada spouse Beauchamp Marie
-Nicolas Desroches 07 Oct 1652 27 Apr 1737 in Montreal, Quebec spouses Archambault Anne
Perthuis Jeanne
-Paul Desroches 31 Dec 1654 Raincourt b: 13 Dec 1654 in Montreal, Quebec, spouse Leduc Suzanne
 Suzanne DESROCHES b: 5 Oct 1662 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
 Jean Baptiste Jr DESROCHES b: 11 Oct 1663 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
 Francoise Desroches 24 Nov 1657 10 Nov 1672 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
 Jacques Desroches 31 Mar 1660 25 Nov 1680 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
 Jean Desroches 11 Oct 1663 23 Aug 1687 J. Desroches F. Gode Picard Anne
-Marguerite Desroches 30 Apr 1666  in Montreal, Quebec, Canada spouse Leduc Jean
-Jeanne Desroches 04 Nov 1668 03 Nov 1696 J. Desroches F. Gode Lauzon Seraphin
-Agathe Desroches 16 Jan 1671 11 Apr 1703 J. Desroches F. Gode Leduc Charles
-Pierre Desroches b 15 May 1673 Notre Dame de Montreal, QC d 29 Apr 1739 spouse Beaudry Marie

Marguerite Bourgeoys

June 6, 2010

There is a great Biography of Marguerite Bourgeoys in wikipedia.  She was sixth of 12 children and when her mother died when she was 19, she took care of her brothers and sisters. Her father died when she was 27. She was recruited by Paul Chomedey to come to New France as a teacher and sailed to New France in 1653.  She initiated the building of Notre Dame de BonSecours Chapel and opened her first school in 1658. 

The Loisel’s were among some of her first school children.  Including Jeanne and Francoise Loisel, the daughters of Louis Loisel. Jeanne Loisel was the first student  of Marguerite Bourgeoys that survived to grown age. 

 In 1653, Marguerite Bourgeoys found only a few children in the young colony because the first children born in the small colony did not often survive.  She didn’t find but the small Jeanne Loisel that she gave lessons to.  “on a ete environ huit ans” dit la soeur Bourgeoys, “sans pouvoir garder d’enfant a Montreal. La premiere qui est restee vivante  fut Jeanne Loysel, que l’on me donna a quatre ans et demi, et qui a ete elevee et a demeure a la maison jusqu’a son mariage avec Jean Beauchamp”

The “stable” school was first opened in 1657, when Jeanne Loisel was about 8 years old.

The school was in an old stable. The ground floor was the classroom and the attic was the dormitory for the teachers.

On the first day of school 30 April 1658:  She and her sister Francoise joined other children at the school – there were enough surviving children by then: Jean and Nicolas Desroches, Adrienne Barbier, Catherine Daugigeon, Marie Lucault and Jean Leduc.  Jeanne at 8 years 9 months, was the oldest. Jean Desroches, born 11 Dec 1649 was the first son to survive in the Montreal settlement.  The two youngest, Jean Leduc and Catherin Daubigeon didn’t reach their 5th birthday, Adrienne Barbier, later married Etienne Trudeau. 

The students of the time, they learned religion and reading, writing and arthmetic. The girls would have also been taught sewing and cooking to help them manage households and farms in that time.

In these first years, brothes Nicolas and Jean Desroches and Jean Leduc  attended Marguerite Bourgeoys school which boys attended with the girls until  the mid-1660s. Later the Suplician priests, in particularl, Gabriel Souart, taught the boys.

Jeanne Loisel was raised by Marguerite Bourgeouys from age 4 and a half until Jeanne married at age 17 to Jean Beauchamp. 

After two return trips to France to recruit more women teachers, she started the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame.

In 1680, Marguerite and Marie Barbier, went to set up a mission and school in Pointe-aux-Trembles, again likely teaching the daughters of  Joseph, Jeanne and Francoise Loisel as well as other children of the early inhabitants of Pointe-aux-Trembles.

In 1693, Soeur Marie Barbier, daughter of Gabriel Barbier, succeeded Marguerite Bourgeoys in heading the Congregation.  Marie Barbier was the first Canadian born to join the congregation.

Marguerite Bourgeoys died Jan 12, 1700.

I thought that this is a great activities book for school visits to the Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum.

Father Claude Pijart

June 5, 2010

Father Claude Pijart , born in France, was a Jesuit missionary in Quebec from 1635.  He served among the Algonquins from 1635 up until 1650 when we find him in Montréal.  In 1657, he was recalled to Québec to serve amongst the Huron mission at Sillery. 

Claude Pijart spends two winters: 1640 and 1641 in Huronia/Ste-Marie among the Algonquins.

Claude was the older brother of Pierre Pijart who was also a Jesuit missionary, born the 17th of May 1608 in Paris. They were the sons of Claude Pijart and Geneviève Charon.   Pierre Pijart was a missionary to Huronia from 1635 to 1644, when he and Father Jérôme Lalemant returned to Trois-Rivières, accompanied by a group of Hurons from Ossosané. 

By 1643 to 1650, Claude Pijart is in Huronia/Ste-Marie  as a missionary to the Nipissings and Algonquins,  where his brother Pierre Pijart was before him.

Pierre Pijart leaves Ste-Marie to Quebec in 1645. In January 1645, Pierre Pijart was named treasurer of the Huron mission until his return to France in the month of August 1650

In 1650 all the Jesuits withdraw from Ste-Marie because of the attacks from the Iroquios.

From there  Claude Pijart was appointed to Montreal.

By 1650, when Father Claude Pijart  arrived in Montreal, the settlement was in a lamentable state. There were fewer than a hundred French people there and they were all billeted behind the palisades. Father Pijart was in Montreal (resident, liturgy and the cemetery at the Hôtel-Dieu) until Father De Queylus arrived in 1657.

He baptisted two of the Loisel children in Montreal, Francoise Loiselle in 1652 and Joseph Loiselle in 1654.

Then he went to Quebec … he later died there in 1683.

A short bio of Father Claude Pijart’s life is provided at this site.

Otto Palfenier

June 3, 2010

I have been looking to Otto Palfenier for tips and help with my genealogy research over the years.

Here is a link to the research that he himself has done on his family.  Check out all the Loiselle’s that he has in his research!

As I was wanting to follow up with Otto on some item of reseach this week, I just learned that he passed away. Condolences to his family and friends.

Here is his obituary.

Palfenier, Otto

Otto Albert Joseph (Al) Palfenier (Brother James, Third Order of St. Francis) of Calgary passed away after a short fight with cancer on Monday, January 12, 2009 at the age of 70 years.Otto was born on November 13, 1938 in Medicine Hat, AB. Al devoted some years as Scouter “Al” with 44th Scout Group of Scouts Canada. He was owner of Al’s Flower Delivery, Al’s Courier Division, After Hours Delivery, then after 1993, transfer ownership of Al’s Courier Division, then worked with new owner until 2000, then left after a short time went to work for Monarch Messenger, working on putting incoming calls into their computer until he retired. He served in the Canadian Army with; The Black Watch, Royal Canadian Dragoons, Canadian Guards, 2 PPCLI and RCASC for a total of ten and a half years. Al has been fighting the DND, Canadian Government and DVA since 1980 for a pension. His hobby has been genealogy since age 10, and since the internet got everything he had on the internet under PALFENIER CONNECTIONS. In addition to having over 668, 338 people linked to the family trees and has been assisting people with finding their lineages. Al was predeceased by his first wife Mary Therese (nee Corneau) on May 8, 1985, uncle Leonard Bondy, and his second son Pastor Kenneth John Angus Palfenier on May 25, 2005. Kenneth left behind his wife Debra Palfenier (nee Thomas) and first wife Beth Palfenier (nee Baker). Al is survived by his son and daughter in law Michael Gerard and Michelle (nee Molner) Palfenier; grandchildren, Christopher Palfenier, Robert (Lindsey (nee Randall) Palfenier, Marc, Martin and Mac and Mary Margaret Palfenier and husband Dale Braconnier; great-grandchildren, Tianni, Luke and Kaylee Palfenier; uncle Walter Bondarenko; Leonard Bondy’s children. He also leaves close cousins Doug, Dwight and Lillian (nee Milovanovich), and Dolly Sparks of Winnipeg; All the Davis family in Detroit Lakes, MN and all the Palfenier’s from Chicago, IL through to the west coast, up and down it, and most of all, all the Palfenier relatives still in the Netherlands. Relatives and friends are invited to Prayers and Tributes at McINNIS & HOLLOWAY’S Park Memorial Chapel (5008 Elbow Drive S.W.) on Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. Funeral Mass will be Celebrated at Holy Trinity Catholic Church (1525 – 45th Street S.E.) on Monday, January 19, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. Graveside Service to follow at St. Mary’s Cemetery. Forward condolences through If friends so desire, memorial tributes may be made directly to the Canadian Cancer Society, 200 – 325 Manning Rd. N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 2P5 Telephone: (403) 205-3966 , email In living memory of Otto Palfenier, a tree will be planted at Fish Creek Provincial Park by McINNIS & HOLLOWAY FUNERAL HOMES Park Memorial Chapel, 5008 ELBOW DRIVE S.W. Telephone: (403) 243-8200
Thanks Otta for all your help over the years.  You will be missed.