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Rene Venet Descendants

August 22, 2009

Rene Venet b 1694 in France (Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, district of La Rochelle). He was son of Laurent Venet and Francoise Masson.

Rene immigrated to New France (Quebec at that time) in 1720.

Rene Venet married Marguerite Bigras-Fauvel in Pointe Claire, St-Joachiam, Chateauguay Quebec in 1722.  

Rene Venet owned a Land grant located in St. Charles Rd by the Seminary de Dt-Sulpice de Montreal on 28 Jun 1723 in Ile de Montreal, QC. He and Marguerite Bigras, his wife, sold the land to Pierre Barbary dit Grandmaison of Point Claire, Ile de Montreal on 9 November 1726 (Notary: P. Raimbault 1697-1727).

Later the couple are known to have leased land (on 28 April 1750) located at the Ste-Marie suburb from Marie-Anne Mogue, widow of Pierre Garreau dit Xainctonge (Saintonge), of the Ste-Marie suburb near the town of Montreal. At that time Rene Venet was a labourer, of the town of Montreal.

He was a Livestock Keeper on 25 Apr 1752 in St. Pierre River near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.(33) working for Augustin Denis, farmer, from the St. Pierre River near Montreal, Quebec.

This couple had 11 children.

One son, Louis-Rene Venet dit Loisel b. 1723 in St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, QC married Marie-Amable Boulaguet-Saint-Amour, QC in 1754 in Montreal, QC  and they had a son Jean-Louis Loisel-Venet.  This is the generation that the “dit” name Loisel was introduced. Don’t know why.

They had a son Jean-Louis Loisel-Venet b 1757 who married Marie-Louise Boulerice in 1779 in Sault Saint Louis, Kanawake, QC and they had 10 children that were born, married and had families in Chateauguay, QC area.
And that was the generation of Loisel dit Venet name.

In next generation, some of the branches started to migrate outside of Chateauguay to the states and to western Canadian provinces.
One branch migrated to Fitchburg, MA (Joseph Loiselle b. 1822 who married Marie-Anne Laberge, as an example).
Another branch migrated to Chippewa Co., WI (Etienne Loiselle who married Florence Roberts, in particular).
One branch migrated to Gentilly Twp, MN (Paul Louis Loiselle-Venet in particular).

And then there are the Loiselle’s in Saginaw, MI and Sylvan Lake, AB and Lewiston, ME, and Fitchurg, MA and Putnam, CT … and wider from there.

In the 7th Generation, I have Loisel’s in Paspebiac, QC; Montreal and areas in between; Sudbury, ON; Carlton, MN; out west in Sk, MB and MN.  and in Sault Ste Marie, ON, Montreal, QC; Lac Megantic, QC and Manitoba;

In the 8th Generation, I have Loisel’s in Sudbury, ON, Waterville, Maine and Minnesota

In the 9th Generation, I have some in
Cartlon Co., MN and in the 10th generation Saint Louis Co., MN.

I don’t follow this family tree as much as my own, Louis Loisel(le).

I have met many Loisel “cousins” from this tree and look forward to meeting more. 

If you are a descendant of Rene Venet of the “dit Loisel” lines, and want to get connected to the family tree, let me know!


Surname variations include Loisel Loiselle Sinotte Wisell and Venet

August 1, 2009

Updated as at Oct 2013:

My French Canadian genealogy research focuses around the surname Loisel. I am trying to identify all the current day descendants of my ancester Louis Loisel.

The challenge came up when I discovered that there were 4 or 5 different “Loisel” that settled in Canada in those early years – well the 1600 and 1700’s. To try to sort out who was related or not, I started documenting the descendants of all of these “original Loisel” ancesters.
And so, after almost 30 years of keeping an eye out for new descendants of Louis Loisel, my research file has
– 41,010  individuals
– 15,047 marriages
– 7016  different surnames

The longest Loisel/Sinotte branch of the family tree goes back 19 generations.


[I have not yet come across any Louis Loisel descendants with the Cloisel, Choisy, Loiseau, Loiselet, Lorsil, Lisotte or Cambell connections]

In my own research, I have come across these spelling variations: Loisel, Loiselle, Loyselle, Loyzelle, Sinot, Sinotte, Sinnett, Synott, Louiselle, Louisell, and Wisell. I also have Venet, but they are definately not related to my Louis Loisel ancester.

…  in Jan 2011, thanks to connecting with a “cousin” Elizabeth Davis have confirmed that there are some Wiswell and Sinnett’s in the Loiselle dit Sinotte family tree!  See her notes here.  And you can check out all her research on

… in Jun 2012, found records that verified that the surname deLoiselle is also a “dit” Sinotte variation, although haven’t “met” any deLoiselle cousins year.

… in Jul 2013, Angela Rupert has confirmed the Synott connection!

… in Oct 2013, I am pretty sure that there is a Sinette family in Chippewa WI area since 1880s that are descendants of Louis Loisel, by way of Vermont and some of the Loiselle’s that stayed in Vermont, became known by the surname Sinot and Sinor.


Here are a few examples of the variations of the Loisel name that I know of.

My surname Sinotte was introduced as a “dit name” for Loiselle at about 1752 – at the 3rd generation descendant of Louis Loisel. In 1752, Toussaint Loiselle-Sinot was born to Toussant Loiselle and Marie Anne Hogue and baptised as dit Sinot.  The father Toussaint Loiselle was buried in 1772 as Tousaint Loisel Sinot.   The youngest son of Toussaint Loiselle and Marie-Anne Hougue was also also baptised dit Loiselle.  Joseph Loiselle-Sinot and his wife Judith Gosselin who were married in 1782 in Vercheres Quebec and at about the time that they moved to St-Dominique, QC, were there are records that referred to him as Joseph Loizelle-Synode.

There are a few examples of the Wisell surname.

Wisell was introduced one branch of the Louis Loisel family tree in the 5th generation descendants. Specifically it was the family of Pierre Loiselle and Marie Demers who were married in 1814 and moved with their growing family to Vermont USA – and by1850 he and several of his 16 children were documented in census, marriage and birth documnets with surname “Wisell”. When you say “Loiselle” in english, is does sound like “Wisell”.

It also appears about the same time, when Constant Loiselle who married Marie-Catherine Marsil in 1828 in Marieville, QC. Constant Loiselle was 6th generation descendant of “my Louis Loisel”. Constant Loiselle and Marie-Catherine Marsil immigrated to Michigan USA and at least as early as 1840, in documentation Constant Loiselle was also known as Constant Loiselle/John Loiselle/John Wisell/John Wezell.

Venet surname is fron Rene Venet who came to Canada about 1750 and Venet dit Loisel being introduced in Rene Venet’s 2nd/3rd generation descendants.

I look forward to sharing more in future posts. And I look forward to meeting more Loisel/Sinotte descendants? Are you related?