Where in the world are the Loisel descendants?

To date, we have documented over 17,000+ descendants of Louis Loisel  that first came to Canada in 1643, son of Louis Loisel and Jeanne LeTerrier from St Germain de La Blanche Herb in Normandie, France.

Here is a map of the locations of these 14+ generations of descendants starting from France [click here for enlarged image: Loisel by country ]

around the world.PNG

Of course most of the descendants are in Quebec and across Canada and the US. [click here for enlarged image: Loisel by State ]

Around Canada and US

And here are the top locations by # of persons in city [click here for enlarged image: Loisel by city of birth ]

top locations.PNG

Thanks to colleague Alexei Marcilio for creating the maps for us!

Are we missing you and your branch of the family in the family tree?  If so, let us know!  Descendants of Louis Loisel go by the surnames variations including: Loisel, Loiselle, Wisell, Sinotte, Sinnotte, Synott among others.





5 Responses to “Where in the world are the Loisel descendants?”

  1. Tom Loiselle Says:

    Great work! Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth Synott Wesson Says:

    Elizabeth Synott Wesson Waterbury, Ct USA

    • karensinotte Says:

      Elizabeth, did you ever find out why Augustus Synott immigrated to Waterbury CT back in 1887. His father used the dit name Loiselle-Sinotte.

  3. Nancy Bessey Says:

    Napoleon Loiselle is my maternal Great-Grandfather!

    Sent from my iPhone


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