Generation 6: Prudent Loiselle-Sinot and his Children

The children of Prudent Loiselle migrate to Chile, Dakota’s and various points of New England …

 Aurora Loiselle 7th great granddaughter of Louis Loisel.png Prudent Loiselle-Sinot is 6th Generation of Loisel’s in Canada, descendant of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot.

Aurora Loiselle is great granddaughter of Moise Loiselle, and 10th generation descendant of Louis Loisel.

Aurora has a great collection of letters exchanged by Veronique Poulet and the children of Prudent Loiselle as the family was separated by the distance places that their lives took them. Aurora had copies of many of these photos and letters for display at the Louis Loisel descendants meeting in Jun 2013. A copy of a presentation that she created is attached here. Moyse Loiselle by Aurora Loiselle


Prudent Loiselle-Sinot was born Jan 22, 1797 in Beloeil Quebec. In his baptism certificate, his name was written at Prudent Sinode, his parents and godparents were listed as “Toussaint Sinode laboureur et de Josette Tetro…Le parain a ete Prudent Sinode et la marain Marie Anne Tetro”

Prudent was married twice and had a total of sixteen children. Click on the Family Chart below to see his children:

Prudent Loiselle Sinot Family chart

Prudent Loiselle Sinot Family

Prudent married first to Julie Tetreau on February 17, 1817.

February 17, 1817: Marriage de Prudent Loisel f. mn. feu Toussaint & Josephte Tetreau (S. Marc) et Julie Tetreau f. mn. Augustin et feu Cecile Tetreau (S. Marc); Dispense du 4e au 4e degree consanguinite. Tem. Antoine Guyon: beau-pere de l’epoux, Toussaint & Amable Loisel: freres de l’epoux; Edouard Tetreau: frere de l’epouse. (Xource: Transcript of Register of Paroisse St.-Marc-sur-Richelieu, Co. Vercheres, Quebec; LDS film # 1293424)

They were 3rd cousins!

Relationship Prudent Loiselle Sinot to Julie Tetreault Ducharme

Julia Tetreau died in childbirth in 1831 leaving behind 8 living children.  Prudent remarried to Veronique Poulet in 1833.

Prudent’s children ended up spreading across North America

  • Moise Loiselle b 1819 went to Fort Vancouver in 1856 working as a baker with with the Sisters of the Providence and arrived in Valparaiso, Chile in January 1859
  • Marguerite Loiselle b 1822 maried Isadore Jodoin in St Marc in 1846. They migrated to Manchester, New Hampshire.
  • Mathias Loiselle b 1824 married Vitaline Provost in St Marc in 1848. They migrated to Bottineau, North Dakota
  • Abraham Loiselle b 1826 married Adele Charron in 1847 in St-Charles-sur-Richelieu and then remarried Elmire Lapierre in 1873 in St-Hyacinthe, QC. He was for a time in Lowell MA (1883) and died in 1909 in New Hampshire.
  • Odile Loiselel b 1828 married Marc Chicoine in St Marc in 1851.  They migrated to Sioux City Iowa on way to Jefferson South Dakota.
  • Prudent Loiselle b 1838 maried Philomene Jodouin in 1860 in St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu. They migrated to Killingly, Connecticut

Abraham Loiselle and Adele Charron 1880

Abraham Loiselle and Odile Charron

Marc Chicoine and Odile Loiselle

Odile Loiselle and Marc Chicoine, 1881

    Joseph Trudel and Mathilde Loiselle 1889

Mathilde Loiselle and Joseph Trudel, 1889

Marguerite Loiselle in Manchester NH

Marguerite Loiselle married Isadore Jodoin

And perhaps there are other Prudent Loiselle descendants out there that have other letters and photos shared between the siblings as they were separated by distance.


8 Responses to “Generation 6: Prudent Loiselle-Sinot and his Children”

  1. Cam Says:

    Hi! I’m a Sinotte living in Manchester, NH! I wonder if we’re related somehow.

    • karensinotte Says:

      Absolutely, your family are descendants of Joseph loiselle-Sinotte that maried Edesse Daignault and settled in Saint-Georges-de-Windsor Quebec from La Presentation QC between 1861-1863. We are cousins!

  2. Colleen (Halsdorff) Palacios Says:

    I am a descendent of Marguerite Loiselle. She and Isadore Jodoin had a grand-daughter, Emilia (Jodoin) Menard, who was my great great grandmother. I’m not sure how closely you and I are related, but it appears we are at least distant cousins. Thank you for doing all this research, Karen. It has been an absolute joy reading about everyone, and following my lineage all the way back to France!

    • karensinotte Says:

      Marguerite Loiselle who married to Isadore Jodoin is sister of Moise Loiselle. Aurora Loiselle is great granddaughter of Moise Loiselle, who immigrated to Chile in mid 1800s. Aurora has a great collection of letters from Moise’s siblings and had copies of many of these photos and letters for display at the Louis Loisel descendants meeting in Jun 2013. A copy of a presentation that she created is attached here.

      She will be thrilled to connect and we can add your “branch” to the family tree when you provide the information.

      • Colleen Palacios Says:

        Oh my! Sorry about the delay (I didn’t get notification of a response). Thank you for that link, great presentation. I can fill in a little info about Marguerite’s family… at least the part that follows my lineage. I have mostly names and birthdays, but very little in the way of locations, photos, biographies, etc. But there are too many children/siblings to list here. I’m keeping track of everything on, and I’ll try to figure out how to export a read-only file to send to you. Also, as I’ve replied to Aurora, my email address is, if you have any questions. Thanks again!
        Colleen Palacios, in Worcester Massachusetts

      • karensinotte Says:

        Very cool Colleen.
        Charles Menard married Amelia Jodoin in 1903
        Amelia Jodoin is daughter of Ernest Odilon Jodoin and Virginie Martel
        Ernest O Jodoin is son of Isadore and Margerite Loiselle
        So that makes you and and Aurora 3rd cousins 3 times removed.

  3. Aurora Loiselle Says:

    Hey Karen you are amazing!!! A great researcher. This is one of the pieces of info I was expecting one day: to hear from the families of Moise’s siblings in the USA or western Canada, where some others went. So, this note is also a call for Colleen, who obviously is in my genealogy with no doubt!!! Marguerite Loiselle, wife of Isidore Jodoin, is my great grandaunt. It seems Colleen must be much younger than me. Colleen send me your personal e-mail, postal address, phone, etc. if you wish, so we can share more info about our families!!! Hugs to both of you from
    Aurora Loiselle in Ottawa, Canada

    • Colleen Palacios Says:

      Hi Aurora! So sorry about the late reply… I didn’t see your post until just now. Best way to reach me is probably through email: My research is all pretty rudimentary, but I’m happy to share what I’ve found, and I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂
      Colleen Palacios, 34 y.o.
      Worcester, Massachusetts

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