Tom Loiselle, one of our musical “cousins”

Tom Loiselle came up to join our Sinotte Loiselle Wisell gathering in Montreal on Jun 29, 2013.  He came with his wife, Paula and son, Christopher, from Rhode Island.

Christopher Paula and Tom Loiselle

Lunch at the Serafim was a great choice because they let us really “take over” the space. This allowed some of the Loiselle talent to entertain us.

Tom Loiselle entertained the group with some of his own music.

Tom Loiselle the musician

Here are the lyrics to one of the songs that he performed.

Stay with me for Awhile
© 2011, Thomas E. Loiselle. All  rights reserved.
Intro (Verse Progression)  (1x)
Verse 1
I can see the light in your eyes  when you smile it makes me happy
I can hear the sound of your voice  when you laugh it makes me happy
And when you touch my hand then I  understand you love me
And when I hold you close then you  understand I love you
Verse 2
I can feel the beating of your heart when we are lying here together
I can stare at you when I’m awake  admiring your beauty
When I caress your face and look  into your eyes you look so lovely
When you look at me and see the  love I have for you it makes you happy
Chorus 1
Won’t you stay with me for  awhile?
Won’t you play with me and make me  smile?
Won’t you stay with me for  awhile…? La, da, da, da, da, da…
Verse 3
You can see the light in my eyes  when I smile it makes you happy
You can hear the sound of my voice  when I laugh it makes you happy
And when I touch your hand then  you understand I love you
And when you hold me close then I  understand you love me
Chorus 2
Won’t you stay with me for  awhile?
Won’t you play with me and make me  smile?
Won’t you stay with me for  awhile…? La, da, da, da, da, da…
And here is how Tom, Paula and Chris are connected to Louis Loisel who came to Canada in 1647.
Christopher Loiselle son of Tom and Paula is 12th generation 12. Chris Loiselle is the 12th generation descendant of Louis Loisel and 5th generation of Loiselle’s in Central Falls.
11. His father Thomas Loiselle married Paula and they have three sons.
10. His Father Jean-Paul Loiselle
9. His Father is Adrien Loiselle
8. His father Pierre Loiselle  was born in Farnham Quebec. He and his wife Zenaide Robert immigrated to Central Falls sometime between 1906 and 1910 with 10 children.
7. His parents, Toussaint Loiselle-Sinotte and Luce Viens moved from Marieville to Farnham and had 9 children.
6. His parents Toussaint Loiselle and Apoline Letourneau moved from St Charles to Marieville, they had 17 children.  After Apoline died, Toussaint Loiselle-Sinotte remarred to Marguerite Timineur and had another 3 children.
5. His parents Pierre-Toussaint Loiselle married Genevieve Deslandes. Pierre was born in St Charles, married in St Antoine. His wife Genevieve died in St Marc.
4. His parents Toussaint Loiselle married Marie-Anne Hogue. While Toussaint Loiselle was born in Pointe-aux-Trembles, he moved to St-Charles in 1751 on land that was ceded from his uncle, Jean-Baptiste Beaudry. He married in 1752 and raised his family in St-Charles and died in St Marc.
3. His parents were Jean-Baptiste Loiselle and Marie-Anne Beaudry.
2. His parents were Joseph Loiselle and Jeanne Langlois
1. His parents were Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot.

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