Some Synott and Sinnett Cousins (How we are connected Part III)

In a previous post, we talked a little bit about “dit” names. There are a number of “dit” names used amongst descendants of Louis Loisel. This includes the surname spelling Sinotte, Synott and Sinnett.  The various versions of Loisel dit names are introduced here.

While the Synott and Sinnett surnames are most often “Irish”, we have confirmed most definately that there are indeed some Synott and Sinnett cousins.

From the “How we are Related Part III” chart provided below you can see that both Angela Rupert (of the Sinnett line) and Elizeth Davis (of Sinnett line) are Karen Sinotte’s 6th cousin once removed … and you can likely calculate how you too are related to these Cousins!

From the “How we are related Park III, you can see Elizabeth Davis, Angela Rupert and Pamela LaGrandeur share a common ancester in Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte (b. 1783) and Marie Josephte Pinsonneault  (married in St Marc) .  Making Elizabeth, Angela and Pamela 5th cousins 1x removed.

  • Pamela LaGrandeur is descendant of their son Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte b. 1807 in St Charles.  Pamela  is 12th generation in North America, 4th generation American. Her gg grandfather Augustus Synott migrated from St-Barnabe QC to Grafton MA about 1879 and then to Waterbury CT by 1889.  Why did Augustus Synottt to Waterbury CT while his brother’s descendants ended up in New York State?

In this chart “How we are Related III”, you can see that Angela (nee Dickerson) Rupert and Elizabeth Davis share a common ancester in Charles Loisel-dit-Sinott b. 1815 who married Isabelle Plante in 1841 in Saint-Hugues QC and ended up in New York State by 1850s.  That would make Elizabeth and Angela 5th cousins!

The Relationship Charts

How we are related Part IRelationship chart for Louis Loisel descendants that attended our meeting on June 29, 2013 How we are related Part IIIThis shows our relationship to the Sinnett’s and the Synott’s
Montreal Meeting How we are all related Jun 29 2013Click here for PDF Version of Part I How we are Related: Loisel History for Meeting in Montreal Jun 29 2013 How we are related Chart How we are related Part III Synott and SinnettClick here for PDF version of Part III of How We are Related:  How we are related Part III Synott and Sinnett

From the chart you can see that Elizabeth is descendant of their daughter Rose Sinnett.

  • Elizabeth Davis is expecting a new Loisel descendant in August so was unable to attend the Loisel family reunion this year. She is connected to the Loisel family tree through John Fields (Beauchamp) that married Rose Sinnett (sometimes recorded as Wiswell) in Mariah NY.  Rose Sinnett is 9th Generation descendant of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot.  When this branch of the family migrated to New York State, their names were recorded in a number of different ways finally continuing on as Sinnett.
  • Elizabeth is actually “cousin” multiple times over because John Fields is a  descendant of Jean Beauchamps  that married Jeanne Loisel, Jeanne Loisel was daughter of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot!

Angela is descendant of their son, Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte, and several siblings, and their descendants ended up in Seattle WA.

  • Angela and her family live in PA now. Her sons have been on the lookout for their Canadian roots. While they weren’t able to make it to the Sinotte-Loiselle family gathering in Montreal last month, in the Summer 2012, they made their own pilgrimage to Montreal and had their own chance to explore Old Montreal.
  • Angela’s sons are 9th Generation Americans and 14th generation descendants of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot!
Angela Rupert and Family 2013 Allan Rupert and sons in Montreal on rue St Paul 2012
Angela Rupert and Family 2013.

Allan, Austin and Allan in Old Montreal in Summer 2012.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn about why Charles Loiselle-Sinnett choose to go to New York and how some of his children ended up making the trek out West. And why Augustin Synott ended up in Waterbury CT!

And how many more Sinnett and Synott cousins are there out there!

Instructions on how to read this chart are provided in previous post. All this is just provided for “fun”. If there are any errors … oops! You can let me know of any alternative points of view, and we can work together to resolve any information.


3 Responses to “Some Synott and Sinnett Cousins (How we are connected Part III)”

  1. Generation 6: Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte m. Marie-Josephte Pinsonneault, 1805 | Sinotte Loiselle Genealogy Blog Says:

    […]  It has been quite exciting to meet distant cousins,  Elizabeth and Mrs Rupert,  who are  descendents of sixth generation Joseph Loiselle dit Sinotte – and through name changes from Loiselle to Wiswell or Wisell and Sinnett. Read abit about the Sinnett’s here! […]

  2. Chris Sinette Says:

    I am a Sinette descendant from the same line of ancestors that you are writing about. Chris Sinette to be exact.


    Sinnett migration to the west. My father James A Sinnett told me his grandfather, Joseph Henry Sinnett sailed from NY down around the cape to Seattle WA in 1885 (?) The Panama Canal wasn’t built yet and apparently there weren’t train tracks across the US from NY to Seattle so the best way to travel at that time was by ship. Joseph was a woodworker and stayed for a few years (in Seattle). At some point, Joseph took the train to Michigan where he settled in Rapid Rivers MI and had a family. After the great Seattle fire, Joseph moved his family from Michigan to Seattle in 1907. He helped rebuild the city and homes. He specialized in fine finished woodwork (molding, frames, cabinets). Seattle lost 26 blocks in the fire, so there was lots of opportunities for craftsman.
    Most of the decedents of Joseph remain in the Puget Sound area of Washington, which includes Seattle. I believe he and several of his family are buried at the cemetery by the University Village (north Seattle near the University of Washington).
    Story by: April (Sinnett) Mitchell

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