More Loiselle Cousins!

Descendants of Louis Loisel can probably calculate a relationship with most any descendant of the first settlers of Quebec and specifically Montreal.

In my efforts to connect Loiselle cousins, two most common questions that I am asked from Loiselle cousins include:

  • How  are they related to Angelina Jolie (most commonly asked by the “guys”)
  • How are they related to Pierre Trudeau

So, to calculate relationship to anyone, you just have to find your common ancesters, and then start counting generations between you and the first cousins of that common ancestor.  So a “Loiselle’ cousin would calculate your relationship to Angelina Jolie or Pierre Trudeau in the same way.

Taking myself as an example of a Loiselle cousins, our Relationship to Angelina Jolie:

  • Angelina Jolie is ninth cousin 1x removed to Karen Sinotte through common ancesters Joseph Loiselle and Jeanne Langlois.  Angelina Jolie is descendant of their daughter Angelique Loiselle that married Nicoholas Chaput. Karen Sinotte is descendant of Jean Baptiste Loiselle that married Marie Anne Beaudry.
  • Angelina Jolie is also ninth cousin 1x removed to Karen Sinotte through common ancestors Toussaint Beaudry and Francoise Archambault.   Angeline Jolie is descendant of their son Pierre Beaudry. Karen Sinotte is decendant of their daughter Marie Anne Beaudry who married Jean-Baptiste Loiselle in 1719.

Our Relationship to Pierre Trudeau:

  • Pierre Elliot Trudau is 8th cousin 3 x removed cousin to Karen Sinotte through common ancesters Gilbert Barbier and Catherine Delavaux.  Their daughter Barbe Barbier married Toussaint Beaudry, who had a son Toussaint Beaudry who married Francoise Archambault, and their daughter Marie-Anne Beaudry married Karen Sinotte’s ancestor Jean-Baptiste Loiselle, who was son of Joseph Loiselle and Jeanne Langlois.

I have shown these relationshops on the chart below:   HOW WE ARE RELATED PART II below.

If you overlay this chart with the previous chart HOW WE ARE RELATED PART I chart  provided, and any Loiselle Cousins can calcualte their relationsip to Pierre Trudeau and Angelina Jolie.

On the HOW WE ARE RELATED PART II, I have also included another Loiselle cousin, Mitch Loiselle:

  • Our American Loiselle cousin Mitch has been connecting with his Canadian Roots. It turns out that he is descendant of Rene Venet who came to Canada almost 100 years after our Louis Loisel.  But Mitch is connected to the Louis Loisel family tree through marriage with Trudeau’s! Our common ancestors are also Gilbert Barbier and Catherine Delavaux. Mitch is descendant of their daughter Adrienne Barbier who married Etienne Pierre Trudeau. Their descendant  Laura Trudeau married Mitch’s grandfather Harvey Loiselle.
  • [NOTE: Mitch isn’t “famous” so don’t try to find him on wikipedia or anything. I just didn’t have a chance to including him on the PART I chart previously and he very conveniently fits in on this chart! ]


 How we are related Part I

This shows the relationship to a number of Louis Loisel descendants that attended or had hoped to attend our meeting on June 29, 2013

 How we are related Part II

This shows the relationship to Pierre Trudeau, Angelina Jolie and Mitch Loiselle

Montreal Meeting How we are all related Jun 29 2013Click here for PDF Version of Part I How we are Related: Loisel History for Meeting in Montreal Jun 29 2013 How we are related Chart Our Connection to Angelina Jolie and Pierre TrudeauClick here for PDF version of Part II of How We are Related:  Our Connection to Angelina Jolie and Pierre Trudeau

Instructions on how to read this chart are provided in previous post.

All this is just provided for “fun”. If there are any errors … oops! You can let me know of any alternative points of view, and we can work together to resolve any information.


5 Responses to “More Loiselle Cousins!”

  1. Angela Rupert Says:

    Thank you, this is fascinating!

  2. bakerchiknc Says:

    I think I’m connected as well!

  3. Violet Says:

    We have so many common Great Grandparents to Jolie, Trudeau, Riel, Madonna, Celine Dion…..etc. 10 for Jolie (separate lines and people) 12 for Celine Dion (separate lines and people), 12 for Madonna, 6 for Riel, and 9 for Trudeau. The reason we have so many is because both my Grandparents lines go all the way back to the first Acadians in almost all their lines.

  4. Elizabeth Synott Wesson (Bettejane) Says:

    Elizabeth Jane Synott Wesson checking in. Pam La Grandeur and I are first cousins. Her mom and my dad were siblings. Many folks came to Waterbury Ct to work in the Brass Capital of the world. There were so many factories. My great grandfather Frank Synott, though, was a carpenter. He built a massive three decker house on the banks of the Naugatuck River that was lost in the Flood of 1955.

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