How We are all Connected!

We had a meeting of Louis Loisel descendants in Montreal on Jun 29, 2013. Here is a photo of some the Louis Loisel descendants that participated in the events of the day.

                                                                     Sinotte Loiselle group
Photo provided by Aurora Loiselle.  The photo was taken in the Chapelle Bonsecours. In the photo are (from left to right): Our “coureur de bois” guide, Fern Sinotte and Glenda Harris, Aurora Loiselle, Tom his son Chris Loiselle, Henri Loiselle, Andree Sinotte, Karen Sinotte, Mona Sinotte, Raymonde Sinotte and her beau Norman.  Featuring the Banner that Aurora Loiselle created for our first meetnng of the Sinotte Loiselle Family  Association.  Missing from the photo are Paula, Bruce, Marcelo who were taking photos!

The descendants of Louis Loisel came from far and wide, including: Rhode Island, Saskachewan, Ontario and Quebec, including one from Chile, who now lives in Canada.

The following relationships were noted amongst the meeting participants:

  • Fern, Andree and Ray were the closest relationships … they are siblings.
  • Fern/Ray/Andree and Mona are third cousins.
  • Aurora and Fern are 5th cousins 2x removed
  • The most distant relationship in the group was Colin who is 8th cousin to most everyone in at the gathering, some one or two generations removed.
  • The “youngest”  generation at the Sinotte Loiselle Family gathering would have been Karen, Colin and Chris (they were  all generation 12)
  • The “oldest” generation in the room was represented by Aurora (she is generation 10)

Click on the tree here to see the chart that shows how all the people attending the meeting are related [Bill Loiselle, Jack Wisell, Maurice Loiselle couldn’t come to the Montreal but we added them to the family tree here].

Montreal Meeting How we are all related Jun 29 2013

Loisel History for Meeting in Montreal Jun 29 2013 How we are related Chart

Everyone at the Sinotte Loiselle family gathering shared the first three generations on the chart.

How to read the Family Tree Chart:

  • The “couples” highlighted in Red Boxes on the Tree Chart shown here are common ancestors.
  • The Red Numbers on the left of the chart, show the generations. I showed Louis Loyzel and Jeanne LeTerrier from France as “0” and started counting with Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot, as the first generation in Canada.
  • All the relationships are shown relative to Karen Sinotte

Here is the example for how Tom Loiselle and Karen Sinotte are related.

Tom’s “branch” is the 3th column from the right, Karen’s “branch” is the second column from the right.
This shows that Tom is the 11th generation descendant of Louis Loisel m. Marguerite Charlot. Karen is the  12th generation of Louis Loisel. The red bubble numbers at the left of the page give a count of the generations in Canada,  starting with generation 1 being Louis Loisel m Marguerite Charlot.
Karen and Tom share common ancestors at Toussaint Loiselle m Marie Anne Hogue which at the 4th generation descendant of Louis Loisel. These are the “grandparents” that  Tom and Karen share in common, the next generation (5th generation) are “uncles” and then the generation, the generation  after that (6th generation) are first cousins. There are six generations between Tom and these “first cousins”. There is one generation that separates Karen and Tom. That makes Karen and Tom 6th cousins 1x removed.
All the attendees at the meeting can do the same exercise to “calculate” how you are related to anyone on this chart … and for any other Louis Loisel desscendants that weren’t able to attend our gathering, you can add your “branch” to the tree and calculate how you are related!

4 Responses to “How We are all Connected!”

  1. Angela Rupert Says:

    Karen thank you for your efforts and sharing this! Please consider another get together in Montreal or Quebec again next summer, we would love to come visit! We had a schedule conflict and I meant to get in touch with you sooner. When I looked at the photo, I saw a lot of family resemblence (especially in the men) to some uncles and cousins! Feel free to come join us here in Central PA and be our guest, cousin!
    Angela Rupert

  2. Angela Rupert Says:

    I also wanted to mention that my Grandfather James Sinnett spent a lifetime trying to find the connection with the French Canadian Sinnetts (or Sinottes). He even drove his camper from Washington State to Montreal in search of them. He found some Sinnetts and posed with them. Likely they were descended from the English Sinnetts which came from Ireland. Our ancestry search kept us on the trail that they were French because a Great Grandfather kept listing it as such. Well, the rest of the story was how we connected to you through the work of my Uncle Greg Sinnett and a distant cousin on It really is a fascinating story. We were in Montreal last summer and I had an idea we were related to some of the founders of French Canada, but I did not know how!

  3. Nancy Bessey Says:

    I think I’m the 9th great granddaughter of Louis Loysel and Jeanne Leterrier. Brief lineage: Their son Louis married Marg Charlot, had Joseph who married Jeanne Langlois. They had Jean-Baptist who married Marie Anne Beaudry. Their son, Toussaint, married Josephe Tetreau(Tetreault?). They had son, Prudent, who married Julie Tetreau, who had Joseph Mathias who married Vietaline Provost. Their son, Napoleon, married Eugenie Bechard. Their daughter, Ida Loiselle, is my maternal grandmother. Her daughter, Audrey Becker, is my mother. They lived in Wllow City, North Dakota. Anyone who can help me figure out how I correctly fit into the family tree is welcomed to take a stab at it, with my appreciation!! My email is Nancy

    • karensinotte Says:

      Great to hear from you Nancy. This was easy to make the connection with the information that you provided.
      Well with the information that you provided it is “easy” to connect you to the family tree.
      You are third cousin 1x removed to Aurora Loiselle … you can see her tree here.
      Your closest relations are Prudent Loiselle and Julie Tetreaut at Generation 6 on this page.

      And we have connections to several other cousins that are even closer than that in both the US and Canada!

      And you might be able to provide some help to fix some of the other Loiselle connections from Dakotas!

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