Loiselle Sinotte and Wisell too Family Gathering in Montreal Jun 29 2013

Descendants of Louis Loisel from 13 generations later are meeting up to share our connections to our roots in Montreal … back to where our family tree started in Canada. We are meeting up in Old Montreal on Jun 29, 2013.

RSVP’s were due by May 31, 2013 … but if you are still interested in coming you are still welcome.

Optional Friday Road Trip to Pointe aux Trembles (PAT)

For those that are in town on Friday, we are planning a road trip to Pointe aux Trembles (PAT). RSVP by email so that we can coordinate car pooling. Departure time from Montreal by 2:30 pm. Arrive in PAT by 3:00pm. Touring for a few hours and return to Montreal by 7:00pm. The PAT visit may include ancestral homes of some of our Loisel ancestors. These patrimonial homes that have been preserved and documented by the Atelier d’histoire.

  • Maison Beaudry, 14678 rue Notre Dame Est.  Today it’s a cultural centre. [Toussaint Beaudry married to Barbe Barbier, daughter of Gilbert Barbier and his daughter Marguerite Beaudry married Joseph Loiselle and Jean-Baptiste Loiselle son of Joseph Loisel and Jeanne Langlois married Marie-Anne Beaudry, Toussaint Beaudry’s granddaughter ]
  • Maison Louis Beaudry,  4, 43e Avenue [son of Toussaint Beaudry]
  • Maison Pascal Beauchamp, 14490, rue Notre Dame Est [Pascal Beauchamp married Marie Loiselle daughter of Joseph Loiselle and Marguerite Beaudry, Pascal is descendant of Jean Beauchamp and Jeanne Loisel]
  • Maison Pierre Beauchamp, 10, 64e Avenue [Father or brother of Pascal Beauchamp, which we can confirm on the trip!]
  • Maison Langlois,  24, 58e Avenue
  • Francois-Bau House [Louis Loiselle bought his land in PAT from Francois]

On Saturday, Jun 29, the agenda is as follows: 

We start   the day off at 9:00 am ❹  Chateau Ramezay (280 Rue Notre   Dame E at St Paul St E).  We will see ❺ Hotel de Ville (275 Rue   Notre-Dame E).  The Agenda for the morning included:

  • Introductions.
  • Aurora will make a presentation about the early generations of Loiselle’s in Canada.
  • Karen will lead a group discussion of 13 generations of Loiselle’s across North America.
  • We hope that all participants will bring memoriabilia from their family branch to share.
  • Group Photo with all attendees and our first meeting of the Sinotte/Loiselle Family Association with a banner of the Loiselle family crest (thanks to the research done by Tom Loiselle).

After we   meet up there and get organized, then we walk along Notre Dame to past the ❼ old courthouse and ⑨Place d’Armes to ⑩ Notre-Dame Basilca (110 Rue   Notre-Dame).  We need to be there by 11:30 am.  In the square, we will   see a statue of Paul De Chomedy, sieur de Maisonneuve who is founder of   Montreal, witness to the marriage of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot and godfather to their son Joseph Loisel.

After our tour of the Basilica, its LUNCH at Serafim restaurant (Greek restaurant that serves organic food) on rue St Paul, a short walk back across Notre Dame.  [Aurore is taking advanced orders so that we aren’t rushed during lunch].

Then after lunch, it is across the street on St-Paul St E for our tour at 3 pm at the Marguerite Bourgeouys Museum (400 St Paul St   E) which is just up the street from  ①Marche Bonsecours (350 Rue St   Paul E).  The narrow, cobblestone Rue St.-Paul E. is the oldest street in   Montreal.

Dinner and evening entertainment has been confirmed for:

Le Festin du Gouverneur Show at Restaurant Fourquet Fourchette (265, St-Antoine West, Convention Centre Old Montreal)

We will enjoy a great historical banquet with New French Style food while enjoying a fun and interactive show with French Canadian and Irish traditional songs, light operatic and old musical   extracts. The professional artists are dressed in the 17th century style with visits from Paul de Maisonneuve, Marguerite Bourgeoys and Jean Mance!

Regular menu (Four courses meal):

  • Mixed greens
  • Harvest soup
  • 3 choices of main course : Penne Primavera or Chicken with apple sauce or Fish of the day
  • « Pudding Chômeur » (Quebec maple syrup cake), coffee or tea or herbal tea

       Old Montreal Tour Map

Map was excepted from : http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/city-guides/montreal-walking-tour-2/

Details of our agenda are provided here. Sinotte Loiselle reunion 2013 Itinerary Highlights Jun 29 2013 in Montreal

We look forward to seeing everyone there …. Karen Sinotte and Aurora Loiselle


One Response to “Loiselle Sinotte and Wisell too Family Gathering in Montreal Jun 29 2013”

  1. Andree Simmons Says:

    You ladies have done a great job. Will let you know. Am working until June 25th & will need to do some rescheduling in order to make it. Thanks for all the hard work.
    Andree Sinotte (Hoogendoorn/Simmons)

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