deLoiselle’s – Another Surname variation

At the 8th generation descendant of the first Louis Loisel in North America, I have come across yet another Loiselle Surname variation.  DeLoiselle which was used by Ezra Sinotte deLoiselle in New York.

 Ezra Sinotte E S9 deLoiselle  (Jeremie (Francis-Jeremie)8 Sinotte, Toussaint7 Loiselle-Sinotte, Pierre-Toussaint6 Loiselle, Toussaint5 Loiselle-Sinotte, Jean-Baptiste4 Loiselle, Joseph3, Louis2 Loisel/Loysel, Louis1) was born 1858 in QC, and died 07 Jul 1897 in Haverhill, MA.  He married Minnie Estelle Cornell 17 Nov 1881 in Manhattan, New York, NY, daughter of William Cornell and Sarah Lyon.  She was born Aug 1867 in NY, and died Bet. 1920 – 1942 in Brooklyn, NY.

 Children of Ezra deLoiselle and Minnie Cornell are:

                           i.    Harold Cornell10 deLoiselle, born 13 Sep 1882 in New York, NY; died Sep 1972 in Brooklyn, King, NY.  He married Carolyn Bet. 1918 – 1920 in NY; born 1892 in NY; died Bet. 1920 – 1942 in NY.

                          ii.    Florence E Sinotte deLoiselle, born Sep 1884 in New York, NY; died Aft. 1920 in < NY  >.

                         iii.    Cornell deLoiselle, born Apr 1889 in New York, NY; died Aft. 1920 in NY.

                         iv.    Lorraine deLoiselle, born 16 May 1889 in New York, NY; died Apr 1973 in Bayside, Queens, NY.  She married Son Morris Bet. 1920 – 1942 in < NY >; born Bef. 1890 in < NY >.

                          v.    Monte Cornell Sinotte deLoiselle, born 01 Apr 1891 in Yonkers, NY; died Aft. 1930 in < NY  >.  He married Marion Bet. 1911 – 1914 in NY; born 24 Dec 1893 in NY; died Oct 1981 in Cutchogue, Suffolk, NY.

So this is a start and perhaps we will meet some more “cousins”!

Ezra was recorded as Ezra Sinotte in 1871 Census in Coaticook, QC, as Ezra Sinnott in 1880 Census in New York, NY, and as Ezra Sinotte de Loiselle in 1881 marriage index. Otherwise, in most records in the US,  Ezra is shown as E S deLoiselle.

It is marriage index, that confirms that he is son of Jeremie Sinotte and Marie Rainville married Oct 1842 in Maireville, QC. Many of Jeremie and Marie’s children immigrated to various parts of the US including Ezra Sinotte.

Here is how he is connected back to Louis Loisel:

So this adds yet another surname variation that we see amongst descendants of Louis Loisel.

Hello deLoiselle cousins!


3 Responses to “deLoiselle’s – Another Surname variation”

  1. Brenda Mooney Says:

    Love this site and will share it with my grandmother. She is the daughter of Ezra Dinsmore Sennott & Beatrice Peterson (Louden). Ezra was born Jan 25, 1881 in Newport NH to Joseph Sennotte & Rosemly Crane (Dinsmore). Joseph was born to Jeremie Loiselle & Marie Rainville December 15, 1843. Do you have information on this line already?

  2. CarolineSinotte Says:

    Very interesting, my name is Caroline Sinotte I’m from Quebec , Canada , my mother’s father told me a bit about that part of my ancesters story but never that much , I must show this this to my familly !

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