Louis Loiselle son of Jacques Loiselle and Catherine Deloire

There was a Jacques Loiselle who married Catherine Delores . They had a son Louis Loisel b 1676 in Lisieux, Bayeux on the Normandy coast of France.

Louis Loisel, son of Jacques Loiselle and Catherine Deloire, was from the town of Bonneville la Louvet or Bonneville sur Touques in France. He was married by contract (ct 11 Jun 1696 Charles Rageot) in Quebec  City.  He was  mentioned at Hotel-Dieu de Quebec the 1 Sep 1693 as a soldier of the fort of Quebec as 25 years old.

Louis Loiselle was married first to Madeleine Martel-Lamontangue and then to Marie-Anne Michel-Taillon.

Some of his descendants ended up in St Louis Missouri and in New Orleans Louisiana initially as part of the migration related to the fir trade.

One of the descendants was Registre Loisel, son of Francois Registre Loisel and Madeleine Massue, was born in L’Assomption near Montreal about 1773.  Registre Loisel became involved in the fur trade at an early age, and came to St. Louis in 1793.  He cross paths with the Lewis and Clark expeditions. And was involved in the establishment of Fort Cedres (or Cedar Island).  He died in New Orleans, LA in 1804. His wife was Helene Chauvin.

Not sure if this Mary Loiselle [daughter of Victoire Loiselle and Pierre Baribeau, daughter of Francois Alexis Loisel]  that married Marcus Wincester , one of the founders of Memphis Tennessee is related to this “branch” of Loisel’s or not.


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