Francois Le Gautier (1663-1710)

Francis Le Gautier. son of Louis Le Gautier and Marguerite de Bongars, arrived in Canada in 1687 as part of the garde-marine since 1685.  Listed as: Lieutenant réformé; lieutenant 1692; commandant le fort de l’église à Lachine en 1692 et 1696

If Francois Le Gautier arrived in 1687, then he likely came as part of the 800 naval recruits that came under the command of Chevelier de Vaudreuil (Philippe de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil).  They joined the 700 soldiers that had arrived previously in 1685 with Governor Denoville

In Spring 1687, shortly after Francois’s arrival in Canada, 2,000 soliders under Denonville were fighting and protecting against various English and Iroquois attached from Quebec to Montreal.

Not sure if Frncois Le Gautier was was involved with the aftermath of the Massacre of Lachine in Aug 1689.

After the massacre of Lachine by the Iroquois  in 1689, Chevelier de Vaudreuil prevented the Iroquois from attacking Montreal (1689).  [Note: Denonville was ineffective in dealing with the English and the Iroquois and other indians. In 1689, Denonville was replaced by Comte de Frontenac.]

In 1690, Chevelier de Vaudreuil shared in the defence of Quebec against Phips – and perhaps Francois Le Gautier participated in that. Although he was already newly married by that time.

But in any case, as a lieutenant in the army, Francois Le Gautier was commandant of the fort at Lachine in 1692 and 1696.

Francois Legantier was Barbe Loiselle’s second husband.  They married Novermber 28, 1689 in Montreal, QC at Notre Dame des Neiges.
In 1690, when Barbe’s father, Louis Loisel, liquidated all his property in Montreal, Barbe and Francois took charge of supporting Barbe’s parents. Louis Loisel died Sep 1691. 
In 1692, Joseph Loisel was an engageur ouest as well, like his father, organizing a trading trip out west. 

Barbe Loisel and Francois Legantier moved to Detroit Oct 2, 1709. Her mother, Marguerite Charlot, must have moved to Pointe-aux-Trembles where her son Joseph Loisel had settled.
Francois LeGantier died Nov 11, 1710 in Ste-Anne-de-Detroit, IL.

Francois Legautier, esquire, sieur de la Vallee Ranee, (Deranee), died November 12, 1710.


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