Barbe Loiselle

Barbe Marie Loiselle, daughter of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot was born on 30 Aug 1663, Montreal, QC. She was born the day before the eclipse of the sun in New France.  1663 was also the year of the Earthquake in Montreal that lasted from February 5th to the month of September.

Barbe Loiselle died  24 Dec 1742, Hopital General de Quebec, QC after three marriages but no children. She was 79 years old.

Her first marriage was to Pierre Roussel, 26 Oct 1676, Montreal, QC; b. 1644, Dieppe, France; d. 25 Apr 1687, Montreal, QC.  She was first married at the age of 13.   At that time, it was a practice of girls in New France to marry early, as described in this document about the “charm of girls” in New France.  Barbe Loisel and Pierre Roussel were married for 11 years although they had no children.  Pierre Roussel was a edgetool maker (tallandier) in Montreal. He is reproted in 1666 census and in 1681 Census of Montreal, QC.

For some reason, there is some record of a possible intention to marry  Jean Miquelly, 25 Sep 1688, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; b. Abt. 1660. But not sure that this was formalized because not mentioned in her subsequent marriage to Francois Legauthier.

And her second marriage was to Francois LeGantier, 28 Nov 1689, Montreal, QC (Notre Dame des Neiges); b. Bef. 1663, LaChartre-sur-le-Loir, Maine, France; d. 11 Nov 1710, Ste-Anne-de-Detroit, IL. She was 22 years old, widowed just two years, when she married the second time.  They were married 21 years, when Barbe Loisel was widowed a second time.  The couple had just settled in Detroit just the year before Francois LeGantier died.  Barbe  married again three years later in Ste-Anne – so that might indicate that she was in St-Anne on her own during that time.

Francois Legautier, esquire, sieur de la Vallee Ranee, (Deranee), died November 12, 1710,  arrived October 2, 1709, wife Barbe Loisel, departed for Detroit September 6, 1708, she married three times, 1st. Pierre Roussel, 2nd Legautier and 3rd in 1713 Francois Fafard dit Delorme, no rent

Sep 6, 1708:    Barbe Loisel set out to go to her 2nd husband Francois Legauthier, esquire, sieur de Lavallee Ranee lieutenant, 1st husband Pierre Roussel, 3rd husband 1713 Francois Fafard dit Delorme.

And her final and third marriage was to Francois Fafard-Delorme, 30 Dec 1713, Sainte-Anne-de-Détroit (Fort Ponchartrain), Detroit, MI; b. 1660, Trois Rivieres, St. Maurice, QC; d. 28 Jan 1733/34, Detroit, Wayne Co., MI.

“Barbe, the youngest of the daughters,.. joined her life in a first marriage to the edgetool maker Pierre Roussel; then in a second marriage to Francois Legantier, career soldier; finally in a third marriage to Francois Fafard dit Delorme, king’s interpreter at Detroit. Barbe died without leaving any posterity.”

Among the earliest marriages which were celebrated at Fort  Pontchartrain is that of Francois Fafard dit Delorme, the interpreter, and Barbe Loisel, the widow of a distinguished officer, Francois Le Gautier, Sieur de la Vallee Ranee; it occurred October 30, 1713; the witnesses were, Francois de la For6t, Commandant, Du Buisson, Lt. of Marines, J. B. Fachot, Louis Gatheau Mallet, Francois Rivard, Sieur de Montendroe, Etienne Campau, Trutard and Joseph Parent. [Source: Legends of Le Detroit, Marie Caroline Watson Hamlin, page 314]

By 1724, Barbe Loisel’s nephew Toussaint Loisel had also come down to Detroit IL area to marry, settle and have a family in Kaskaskia, IL.

At some point, though, after her third husband Francois Fafard died, Barbe Loisel would have returned to Quebec, because she died there in 1742, eight years after the death of her last husband.


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