The Patriotes Party

The Patriotes was a political party led by Louis-Joseph Papineau in 1832.  

 The party had collected 80,000 signatures in support of 92 resolutions of the party around ensuring equal representation of French Canadians.  The British didn’t support any of the recommendations and this led to the party encouraging boycotts on British imports and then on armed rebellions.  

In Oct 1837, the Assembly of the Six Counties met in St-Charles-sur-Richelieu.     

The first conflict on Nov 22, 1837 at St-Denis was their only victory against the Loyalists. 
Then there was the battle of the Patriotes against the Loyalists at St-Charles in Nov 25, 1837. At St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Lieutenant Colonel George Wetherall with 430 men in his command. They approached the town where maybe as many as 200 Patriotes at St-Charles under the command of Thomas Storrow Brown.  At the battle of St-Charles, 3 English soldiers died, but from 60 to 100 Patriotes died depending on the source.       
  • Antoine Loiselle died that day  
  • Also died, Amable Hebert b 1791 husband of Adelaide Loiselle m 1817 in St-Marc and his brother Jean-Baptiste Herbert b 1793.

The Battle of Saint-Eustache was on Dec 14, 1837. The British were lead by John Colborne with 1,280 regular soldiers and and 220 Loyalist volunteers. The Patriotes had maybe 200 men lead by Jean-Olivier Chenier and Amury Girod. They were barricaded in the church at the centre of the villige. After 4 hours, 70 Patriotes killed vs 3 British Soldiers.    

After the uprisings, the British imprisioned, exiled and hung participants of the rebellion.  The list of Patriote prisoners detailed in Montreal between 1837 and 1839  is provided here.  They were arrested because of their participation aux guerres patriotiques de 1837 and 1838 accused of high treason, sedition or spying.      


On Nov 4, 1838, there were 115 individuals arrested/detained that day of a total of 1,839 arrested in total over the three years.  



These are the three Loiselle’s listed.
  • Loiselle, Jean-Baptiste, Journalier, de Châteauguay – 4 Nov 1838
  • Loiselle, Paul, Cultivateur, de Châteauguay – 4 Nov 1838
  • Loiselle, Toussaint – 4 Nov 1838


The British also retaliated by burning and pillaging rebellious villages through the countie of Deaux-Montagnes including Saint-Eustache and Saint-Benoit. In Saint-Joachim, Sainte-Scholastique and Sainte-Therese.     


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