Kaskaskia IL

As early as 1688/9, Louis Loisel, of Montreal was “engageur ouest” to Kaskaskia, IL. He died in 1691.

In 1692,  after his death, Louis’s son, Joseph Loiselle organized trade voyages to Kaskaskia as “engageur ouest” as well.  He had a son Joseph born that year 1692.

In 1708, Barbe Loisel, Joseph Loiselle’s sister, with her then husband Francois LeGantier were both in Ste-Anne-de-Detroit, MI.

Toussaint Loiselle b 1689, the oldest surviving son of Louis Loisel,  married Cecile Brunet in 1723 in Kaskaskia IL. They settled and raised their family and future Loiselle’s in the area of Fort de Chartres.   One child Toussaint Loisel b 6 Feb 1726 in Fort de Chartres IL and he died  10 Dec 1746 in Kaskaskia. 

 There are other Loiselle’s shown born in this area after 1723 that may be their children:

Madeleine Loisel married Andre Chevalier 1758 in Kaskaskia and then Pierre de Giradeau in 1760 in Fort de Chartres, IL.  

There is a Joseph Loiselle married to Genevieve Kensero in 1754 in Kaskaska. Not sure how he is connected to Toussaint’s Loiselle. 

There is an Antoine Loisel b 1726 in Fort de Chartres, IL and marrie d Joseph Texier in 1743 in Fort de Chartres.  Toussaint Loisel  had business in 1726  related to custody of the late Pierre Milleret to be transfered to Jean-Baptiste Texier, brother in law and tenant of the said children.  So Antoine Loisel may be someohow related to Toussaint Loisel.

There was a Nicolas Loisel in some records, but I wander if  he might might be the Nicolas Loisel from St-Martin Parish, LA.

There is mention of Regis Loisel in the Kaskaskia area, a missionary and his father  Regis Loisel, a fur trader,  born in Montreal area about 1773 and becoming involved in fur trade early on and in St-Louis by 1793.  They are descendants of  another Louis Losiel born about 1676 in Liseiux, Bayeux, Normandie. He came to Canada as a soldier at Fort Quebec in 1693 and died in Charlesbourg, QC in 1743.  There is no known relationship of these Loiselle’s to the Louis Loisel descendants born 60 years earlier and settled in Montreal when he came to Canada in 1647.

[Will add more Loiselle connections to Kaskaskia as I get to them]

The route from Montreal to Kaskaskia was generally from Montreal they would go on the Ottawa River and across to Lake Nipissing. Then down the French River to Lake Huron. They would then travel to where Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan all meet and go down Lake Michigan (called Lake Illinois or “lac des Illinois” by the French).

In 1673, Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette and French-Canadian explorer Louis Joliet go south from Green Bay, up Fox River and down Wisconsin River to Mississippi.  But  on return trip, they describe going along the Illinois River east to Lake Michigan instead.

Rob Louisell provided this photograph taken by his wife Linda. It is a photo of a sign in Mackinaw City which details the French explorers’ travels around the Great Lakes.


And from there, along the Mississippi St. Louis, Pairie du Rocher and Ste Genevieve to Kaskaskia.

What a trip of over 1,300 miles by canoe and trekking.

Here are some of the early marriages in Kaskaskia and this one lists the three Loisel marriages there.


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  1. Rob Louisell Says:

    Regis Loisel briefed Lewis and Clark as they traveled past his area just south of Pierre South Dakota. But I’m sure you know his history and descendants. Since his son became the first native born Catholic priest of St. Louis, no males descended from the son John Francis Regis Loisel.

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