Lambert Closse

Son of Jean Closse and Cecile de la Fosse, born in Lorraine Region of France.

He crossed to New France in 1647 and settled in Ville Marie.

He was equerry (in charge of the stables) and Sergeant Major of the city garrison.

He replaced the governor, Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, during his absences.

On Feb 26, 1652, Lambert Closse and Francoise Gode were godparents to Francoise Loiselle, b. Feb 26, 1651 in Montreal, QC

In 1651, on Sainte-Anne’s Day, 200 Iroquois attacked Ville-Marie, particularly the hospital. Lambert Closse and his men continued this desperate struggle throughout the whole day. The attackers lost a lot of men. Denys Archambault, oldest son of Jacques Archambault, while lighting a cannon for the third time, “was killed by an explosion from this weapon which shattered and killed a lot of the enemy”.

He was given a land grant in Montreal in 1658.

Lambert Closse married Elisabeth Moyen on 12 Aug 1658 and they had two daughters.

Lambert was killed in combat against the Iroquois on 6 Feb 1662 in Montreal.


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