Generation 2: Jeanne Loisel m Jean Beauchamp

Jeanne Loisel was the eldest daughter of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot.

Jeanne’s baptism was conducted in Latin: “En L’anne de Seigneur 1649 le 24 juillet, moi Jean Dequen pretre de la Societe de Jesus, agissant au nom de cette paroisse, ai baptise une enfant du pere, Louis Loysel et de la mere, Marguerite Charlot, nee to jour susmentionne. Le parrain fut Jean Pappe et la marraine Roberte Gadois, (de celle) a qui on a impose le nom de Jeanne.”

Volume 18, page 152 of Our French Canadian Ancestors, translated into English Thomas LaForest says, “Jeanne was raised by Margurete Bourgeoys(now a Saint of the Catholic Church, 2005). She lived with the nuns beginning at the age of 4 and one half until her marriage. She was the first daughter of the French nation, born at Montreal, who was married and became a mother of a family. She married Jean Beauchamp, 28 years old, on November 23 Notre-Dame of Montreal, and knew the joys of 8 births. She was buried on 4 October 1708.

Jeanne Loisel was the first student  of Marguerite Bourgeoys that survived to grown age.  In 1653, Marguerite Bourgeoys found only a few children in the young colony because the first children born in the small colony did not often survive.  She didn’t find but the small Jeanne Loisel that she gave lessons to.  “on a ete environ huit ans” dit la soeur Bourgeoys, “sans pouvoir garder d’enfant a Montreal. La premiere qui est restee vivante  fut Jeanne Loysel, que l’on me donna a quatre ans et demi, et qui a ete elevee et a demeure a la maison jusqu’a son mariage avec Jean Beauchamp”

The “stable” school was first opened in 1657, when Jeanne was about 8 years old. Jeanne is reported to have lived with Marguerite Bourgeoysfrom the age of 4 until age  she married Jean Beauchamp. That suggests that Jeanne would have lived in the loft of the Stable school when it was built, as that was where Marguerite Bourgeoys lived.

 Marguerite Bourgeoys Stable School in MontrealThis is the image of the stable school that they showed us when we visited the Museum de Marguerite Bourgeouys on our trip to Montreal on Jun 29, 2013.  586px-Montreal-Marguerite_Bourgeoys,_Blvd_St_Laurent_-_Rue_le_Royer_Est

When we were in Montreal on weekend of Jun 29, 2013, we stopped at the corner of Blvd St Laurent and Rue Le Royer E which is proported to be the location of the Stable School.

On the first day of school 30 April 1658:  Jeanne Loisel and her sister Francoise joined other children at the school – there were enough surviving children by then: Jean and Nicolas Deroches, Adrienne Barbier, Catherine Daugigeon, Marie Lucault and Jean Leduc.  Jeanne at 8 years 9 months, was the oldest. Jean Desroches, born 11 Dec 1649 was the first son to survive in the Montreal settlement.  The two youngest, Jean Leduc and Catherin Daubigeon didn’t reach their 5th birthday, Catherine Barbier, later married Etienne Trudeau.

The students of the time, they learned religion and reading, writing and arthmetic. The girls would have also been taught sewing and cooking to help them manage households and farms in that time.

A few years later, daughter of Gilbert Barbier, Marie, started school and was the first Montrealer to become a member of the Congregation of Notre-Dame and later succeeded Mere Bourgeoys as superior in 1693-1698.

Jeanne was later married in the house of Marguerite Bourgeoys – in Nov 1666 to Jean Beauchamp.

Jean Beauchamp came to Montreal from France when he was 14 years old, he accompanied his older brother Jacques Beauchamp, and his wife, Marie Dardenne.

Jeanne and Jean Beauchamp had three children in Montreal.  They moved to Pointe-aux-Trembles between 1672-1676 where they had five more children.

On 13 Mar 1678, Honore Langlois, her father, and Jean Beauchamp, husband of Jeanne Loisel participated in the blessing of the new church in Pointe-aux-Trembles after the building was complete.

In 1681, Jean Beauchamp and his family are recorded in the census at Pointe-aux-Trembles. “Jean Beauchamp, 43 years, Jeanne Loisel, his wife 34 years, their children Marie 12, Francoise 10, Jean 5, Pierre 2, 1 rifle, 3 animals with horns, 9 arpents in value”. Four more children will be born to Jean and Jeanne.

It is likely that the Beauchamp children (girls and granddaughters) would have attended the school lessons that Marguerite Bourgeoys and Soeur Marie Barbier set up in 1680 to prepare the children for their communion. And attended later at the wooden school house that was built in 1690.

On 27 January 1693, he receives from the priest and the parish trustees of Pointe-aux-Trembles a plot of thirty-five feet in frontage by seventy feet in depth on Rue Saint-Jean, and, on the following 4 March, the landlords of the Isle of Montreal grant him, at the same location, on Rue Saint-Francois, a plot of twenty-six feet by nineteen feet.  The combination of these two pieces of land that are next to each other amount to 3244 square feet, or three quarters (0.75) of an acre.

Not long thereafter, on 8 February 1693, his brother Jacques dies, and Jean Beauchamp is called to act as administrator on behalf of his nephews, for the distribution of his brother’s estate.

January 21, 1700 ” ill at home, sitted on a chair, but in good spirits” Jean settles his debts before dying with Pierre Lamoureux de Saint-Germain, including 769 pounds, 4 properties, 4 money debts.  Jean Beauchamp was in debt most of his life but was sure to pay off all his debt before he died. He then dictates his will to the notary Adhemar. He has a requiem mass and gives 200 pounds to Father Chaigneau who must do with it what he has told him secretly. He died at Pointe-aux-Trembles on May 4, 1700.

The notary Cusson drew up an inventory of Jean Beauchamps goods on January 5, 1701. His widow, Jeanne Loisel, survives  him by a few years and was buried in Montreal on October 4, 1708.

The family of Jean Beauchamp-LePetit and Jeanne Loisel

Generation No. 1

1.  Jean2 Beauchamp-LePetit  (Michel1 Deschamps-Beauchamp) was born 08 May 1644 in Ste-Marguerite, La Rochelle, Aunis, France, and died 04 May 1700 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC.  He married Marie-Jeanne Loiselle 23 Nov 1666 in Rivière-des-Prairies, Montreal, QC, daughter of Louis Loisel/Loysel and Marie-Marguerite Charlot.  She was born 24 Jul 1649 in Montréal, Île de Montréal,QC, and died 04 Oct 1708 in Montreal, QC.

Children of Jean Beauchamp-LePetit and Marie-Jeanne Loiselle are:

i.    Anonyme3 Beauchamp, b. 16 Aug 1669, Montreal, QC; d. 16 Aug 1669, Montreal, QC.

ii.    Marie-Francoise-Jeanne Beauchamp, b. 11 Sep 1670, Montreal, QC; d. 27 May 1752, St. Henri, Mascouche, QC; m. (1) Louis Truchon-L’Eveille, 14 Apr 1687, Pointe aux Trembles, Montreal, QC (Enfant Jésus); b. Abt. 1646, Abbaretz, Nantes, Bretagne, France; d. 15 Feb 1723/24, St-Francois-de-Sales (Ile-Jesus), QC; m. (2) Jacques Robin St-Jacques, 20 Apr 1729, Lachenaie, QC; b. Bef. 1670, QC; d. Aft. 1729, QC.

iii.    Francoise Beauchamp, b. 03 Nov 1672, Montreal, QC; d. 01 Mar 1699/00, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; m. Jean Charbonneau, 19 Sep 1688, Pointe Aux Trembles, Montreal, QC; b. 03 Nov 1662, Montreal, QC; d. 07 Jan 1729/30, Varennes, Verchères, QC.

iv.    Jean Beauchamp, b. 22 Nov 1676, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; d. 13 Jan 1754, Lachenaie, L’Assomption, QC; m. Jeanne Muloin, 19 Apr 1701, Repentigny, L’Assomption, QC; b. 19 Jan 1681/82, L’Assomption, QC; d. 17 Apr 1756, L’Assomption, QC.

v.    Pierre Beauchamp, b. 27 Jul 1679, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; d. 24 May 1741, Lachenaie, QC; m. Angelique Francoise Leclerc, 27 Jun 1699, Montreal, QC; b. 11 Oct 1680, Repentigny, L’Assomption, QC; d. 12 Aug 1747, Lachenaie, QC.

vi.    Barbe Beauchamp, b. 10 Jun 1683, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; d. 17 May 1751, St-Sulpice, QC; m. (1) Guillaume Forget, 24 Nov 1698, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; b. 03 Aug 1674, Lachine, QC; d. 27 Aug 1713, Hotel Dieu, QC; m. (2) Andre Bouteiller, 07 Feb 1713/14, St-Francois-de-Sales (Ile-Jesus), Quebec.; b. Bef. 1683, QC; d. Aft. 1714, QC.

vii.    Francois Beauchamp, b. 22 Jun 1686, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; d. 06 Nov 1708, Riviere des Prairies, Ile de Montreal, QC.

viii.    Marguerite Beauchamp, b. 27 Mar 1689, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; d. 05 Apr 1755, Lachine, L’Assomption, QC; m. Jean-Baptiste Leclerc, 23 Nov 1705, St-Francois-de-Sales (Ile-Jesus), QC; b. 26 Mar 1681, Lachenaie, L’Assomption, QC; d. 16 Apr 1775, Trois Rivieres, St-Maurice, QC.

Look forward to meeting any cousins of the Beauchamp Line.


10 Responses to “Generation 2: Jeanne Loisel m Jean Beauchamp”

  1. Elaine Beauchamp Says:

    Hi, I am a direct descendant of Jean Beauchamp-LePetit and Marie-Jeanne Loiselle . Thank you for the info that you have posted. I am doing my family history and i appreciate the info. My family line goes as follows: Jean le petit 1644 – Pierre 1679 – Michel 1706 – Jean Baptiste 1735 – Joseph Marie 1762 – Michel 1811 – Clovis 1836 – Aime 1866 – Rene 1908 – Rene 1933 – Me (Elaine)1964. If you have info on any one of my grandfathers please contact me. Thank you.

    • karensinotte Says:

      Elaine, great to meet a new cousin.
      You might also want to check out the posting from Elizabeth David as you are cousins through Michael Beauchamp 1706 and her branch descends Pierre Beauchamp, while yours descends from jean Bapsiste Beauchamp 1735. Pierre and Jean Baptiste Beauchamp being brothers.
      Good luck with your searches, if I find anything will let you know.
      the more information your provide on what you have, the more likely to find connections!

  2. Loiselle Jacinthe Says:

    Je suis Jacinthe Loiselle. La 13e génération de Jeanne Loiselle, fille de Louis Loiselle. Merci beaucoup de ce renseignement concernant Jeanne Loiselle.

  3. lyle fairfield Says:

    I am an anglicized direct descendant of Jean Beauchamp and Jeanne Loisel, my seventh great grandparents. My great grandfather, Pascal Philibert Beauchamp became Felix Fairfield when he moved to Ontario sometime in the 1850’s. (I am not sure how happy I am about this and if I were 50 years younger, I think I would take steps to have my name revert to Beauchamp.)
    Thanks for all the information on this great site.
    Lyle Fairfield

  4. Norm Draeger Says:

    Hello – I, too, am a direct descendant of Jean Beauchamp & Jeanne Loisel. My Mom is Elizabeth (Bette) Beauchamp of Perkins, MI. My Grandfather is Joseph B, G-Grandfather is Arsene B. All I have for now. Thanks for replies to Norm:

  5. Brenda Beauchamp Says:

    I am a descendant of Jean Beauchamp and Jeanne Loiselle: my family line is Jean (m. 1666), Pierre (m. 1699), Pierre (m. 1740), Pierre (m. 1782), Pierre (m.1812), Pierre (m.1837), Xavier (m.1869), Eldège (m.1919), Jacques (m.1949), Brenda (b.1954). Wish my records showed the birth dates instead of the marriage dates.

    • karensinotte Says:

      Well that would make you and I, ninth cousins 1x removed!
      Our common ancesters being Louis Loisel m. Marguerite Charlot.
      I am descendant of Joseph Loisel (the only surviving son to have children)
      and you are descendant of Jeanne Loisel, the first child born in Canada to live to marry and have children of her own!
      I agree with you about tracking birthdates if possible, although early in my genealogy research, the birth records were the easiest to find … and it was easier to keep track of all the people (so many same names in same generation by who they later married!).
      Look forward to hearing any other genealogy research stories that you might have.

  6. Ellie Says:

    Hello! I am also a descendant of Jean Beauchamp and Jeanne Loiselle. Here is my lineage: Jean (1644) – Jean (1676) – Jean (1702) – Jean (1724) – Nicolas (1762) – Augustin (1798) – Augustin (1826) – Augustin (1850) – Honorous (1881) – June *my grandmother* (1926) – Sandra *my mother* (1949). We are currently visiting Montreal from Oregon with hopes to uncover more family history. Wish us luck!

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