Montreal Land Grants 1650-1666

Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve would act as governor of the colony. On January 4, 1648, he granted Pierre Gadois  the first concession of land of 40 acres. Others including Charles Lauzon, Robert Lecavelier et Adrienne Duvivier, Jean Desroches, Urbain Tessier dit Lavgne and Jacques Archambault.

My ancester Louis Loisel was granted his first property in 1655 – but outside of the “old city” . See the map  of Montreal here.

The following is the call out of the land usage within the “old city” of Montreal in 1655. Notice that Adrienne Vivier is the only woman named on the property list. And this website provides details of the property ownership in the years aftwards as well as the 1655 map.

And this is a map of Montreal in 1672 but it doesn’t show details of the property owners.

Map of montreal 1672


Some of the land grants given included:

  • Pierre  Gadois is awarded the first land grant in Montreal on Jan 4, 1648
  • Gilbert Barbier in 1650 and again later in 1662
  • Jacques Archambault in 1651. in Dec 1663, after the death of his wife Francoise Tourault, he leases his farm in Montreal to Pierre Dardenne for three years, the transaction was done in the presence of his son in law Jean Gervaise.
  • Urbain Tessier in 1651 (son in law of Jacques Archambault)
  • Louis Loisel in 1655. He later liquidated his property in Montreal in Mar 1690 at the age of 72, going to live with his daughter Barbe Loisel then married to Francois LeGantier.
  • Jean Gervaise in 1655 (son in law of Jacques Archambault)
  • Lambert Closse in 1658 – he lead a defense of the Palisade of l’ Hotel Dieu in 1651 against an Iroquois attack with many losses including Denys Archambault.

See the PDF of the map here: Montreal Land Grants 1600s   which was sourced from some Archimbault research that I read.

There are some interesting anticdotes in the timeline of Montreal on Wikipedia.


3 Responses to “Montreal Land Grants 1650-1666”

  1. Henri Loiselle Says:

    Where was the land grant of Louis in 1655?

    • karensinotte Says:

      Louis Loisel is awarded his first land grant in Montreal in 1655. Louis Loisel’s house being #51 [on rue Saint-Paul] on map of Montreal on 1672. I only have a photocopy of the map in hardcopy, not a soft copy to post on the blog. Maybe I will get it scanned sometime.

      This map shows the early land grants, which I think was from 1655.

      Louis Loiselle sold the property in March 1690. Haven’t seen a map from that time.

      Your query makes me think that should take a trek down to Old Montreal to get a picture of what is on that property now!

  2. Aurora Loiselle Says:

    There is a plaque in Montreal identifying what used to be Lambert Closse’s property (forgot if it is on rue Saint Paul or on rue Notre Dame). No plaque for Louis Loisel…yet.
    So having as a reference Closse’s property one can calculate where was our Louis Loisel’s property with the land grant’s map. Next time we go, I will try it out.

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