Gilbert Barbier

Gilbert Barbier was one of the pioneers that arrived at Ville-Marie in 1642.  While he was not present at the founding of Ville-Marie in May 1642, he joinedthe group later in the season. 

Because of his small size, he was called “Le Minimie”.

During the early years of Ville Marie, Barbier lives in Box, probably in the huts built for the artisans.

On January 13, 1648, Gilbert Barbier was witness at the wedding of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot who were married at the home of Jeanne Mance.  [The grandchildren of Gilbert Barbier and Louis Loisel would later marry (Joseph Loisel m. Marguerite Beaudry, 1710).]

In 1650 he married Catherine Delaval. They had 8 children.

Charles Barbier  died at age 5, he drowned.

Adrienne Barbier married Etienne Trudeau, who was a carpenter like her father. Adrienne attended Marguerite Bourgeoys’ school. Then she worked at the Hotel Dieu, founded by Jeanne Mance, for four years beginning at eleven or twelve years of age. After four years, she left to marry Etienne Trudeau.

Barbe Barbier married Tousaint Beaudry and the raised their family in Pointe-aux-Trembles. Their Daughter Marguerite Beaudry married Joseph Loiselle (son of Joseph Loiselle and Jeanne Langlois).

Agathe Barbier died age age 1 month

Gabriel Barbier sailed with Cavelier de LaSalle in 1682 to discover the Mississippi River.

Nicolas Barbier died 11 Aug 1691 in La Prairie and was killed by the English.

Charles Barbier died 8 jun 1691 in Repentigny and was killed by the Iroquois.

Marie Barbier was the first Canadian to enter the Congregation of Notre Dame. in 1680, she worked with Marguerite Bourgeoys to set up a school and mission in Pointe-aux-Trembles where many of the Loisel descendants had gone to settle.


As a “charpentier” , he was responsible for the building of the fort of Ville-Marie.  In times of trouble, the colonists turned to Le Minime for help.  He directed the work of the construction of the 320 foot long palissade which was a priority, After than, he helped to build spacious homes inside the fort (before that colonists sill living in tents and temporary cabins).  And then after that he directed the construction of the church, the governors house and the storage for the provisions and weapons.

On 7 Nov 1650, the governor of Montreal gave him a concession of 2 lots with his neighbors being Louis Prud-homme and Blaise Juillet.  He received a third concession on 25 Aug 1662.  See the map of grants here.

Barber knows how to sign and he held minor functions in local goverment and is often called to testify as an expert in litigations related to carpentry.

Gilbert Barbier was elected as one of the first “marguilliers” of Ville-Marie in 21 Nov 1657.

Gilbert Barbier attended the wedding of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot in 1648 in Montreal.  The Barbier and Loiselle families was officially related when his granddaughter, Marguerite Beaudry married Joseph Loisel in 1710 and again later when his great granddaughter, Marie Anne Beaudry married Jean-Baptiste Loiselle in 1719.

Gilbert Barbier and Catherine de Lagneau were listed in 1661 Census in Montreal

1661 Census – Montreal
Gilbert Barbier                           40  Charpentier, habitant
Catherine de Lagneau (de Lavau)  45  Epouse
Adrienne Barbier                          17  Fille
Barbe Barbier                             12  Fille
Gabriel Barbier                           9  Fils
Nicolas Barbier                           7  Fils
Charles Barbier                           5  Fils
Marie Barbier                             2  Fille
Nicolas Chartran                          22  Domestique, engage

Gilbert Barbier and Catherine Delaval were listed in the 1681 Census of Montreal.

Gilbert Barbier, 64 and Catherine Delaval, 61, Gabriel, 26, Nicolas, 23, and Charles, aged 21. a young servant, Peter Lorreau, aged 10 years.
They grow 20 acres of land and have three horned cattle and two rifles.

In 1681, the household Barber – DeLaval is the eve of the transfer of family assets.  He left the use of his property on Rue Notre Dame to his daughter Marie who was just two years in the Congregation of Notre Dame, for use during her lifetime.

Gilbert Barbier died in 1693 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC where several of his children had been living.


4 Responses to “Gilbert Barbier”

  1. Mary Blanchette Russell Says:

    I guess I’m a very distant cousin being a descendant of Etienne Trudeau and Adrienne Barbier.

    • karensinotte Says:

      There have been many Trudeau and Loiselle connections through marriage since Etienne, so we might even be more closely related thatn 10th cousins! Who knows.

      • Judith Nielson Says:

        I also am a distant cousin who is very excited to find all this wonderful history about my previously unknown French family. Our Marie Amable Trudeau b 1739 m Gerard Jerome Santoire. Later Toussaint Santoire b 1823 moved to U.. changed his beautiful Santoire name to Sanborn, which is my grandmother’s name. It took mee over 6 years to make the connection. Cuz Judith

  2. karensinotte Says:

    With Barbe Barbier (my ninth great grandmother) and Adrienne (my ninth great aunt and Pierre Trudeau’s 6th great grandmother) being sisters … that makes me an 8th cousin three times removed to Pierre Trudeau! I suspect that most french canadian descendants will be able to make a connection to Pierre Trudeau … whats yours!

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