Father Claude Pijart

Father Claude Pijart , born in France, was a Jesuit missionary in Quebec from 1635.  He served among the Algonquins from 1635 up until 1650 when we find him in Montréal.  In 1657, he was recalled to Québec to serve amongst the Huron mission at Sillery. 

Claude Pijart spends two winters: 1640 and 1641 in Huronia/Ste-Marie among the Algonquins.

Claude was the older brother of Pierre Pijart who was also a Jesuit missionary, born the 17th of May 1608 in Paris. They were the sons of Claude Pijart and Geneviève Charon.   Pierre Pijart was a missionary to Huronia from 1635 to 1644, when he and Father Jérôme Lalemant returned to Trois-Rivières, accompanied by a group of Hurons from Ossosané. 

By 1643 to 1650, Claude Pijart is in Huronia/Ste-Marie  as a missionary to the Nipissings and Algonquins,  where his brother Pierre Pijart was before him.

Pierre Pijart leaves Ste-Marie to Quebec in 1645. In January 1645, Pierre Pijart was named treasurer of the Huron mission until his return to France in the month of August 1650

In 1650 all the Jesuits withdraw from Ste-Marie because of the attacks from the Iroquios.

From there  Claude Pijart was appointed to Montreal.

By 1650, when Father Claude Pijart  arrived in Montreal, the settlement was in a lamentable state. There were fewer than a hundred French people there and they were all billeted behind the palisades. Father Pijart was in Montreal (resident, liturgy and the cemetery at the Hôtel-Dieu) until Father De Queylus arrived in 1657.

He baptisted two of the Loisel children in Montreal, Francoise Loiselle in 1652 and Joseph Loiselle in 1654.

Then he went to Quebec … he later died there in 1683.

A short bio of Father Claude Pijart’s life is provided at this site.



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