Louis Loisel m Jeanne LeTerrier

Louis Loisel and Jeanne LeTerrier are the parents of the first Louis Loisel in Canada from whom I am a descendant.

So here is what we have so far ….

Louis1 Loisel/Loysel was born 1590 in St. Germain de la Blanche Herbe, pres de Caan, Bayeux, Normandie, France, and died Bet. 1624 – 1684 in St. Germain-de-la-Blanche-Herbe, Normandy, France.  He married Jeanne LeTerrier 1616 in St. Germain-de-la-Blanche-Herbe, Normandy, France.

Jeann LeTerrier was born 1590 in France, and died 21 Jun 1624 in St Germain  Courseulles-sur-Mer  (Calvados), France . She was buried 22 Jun 1624, St Germain  Courseulles-sur-Mer  (Calvados), France

Louis Loisel was the Chatelain for  Chateau Courselle Sur Mer.  Here is a photo of the Chateau. [see also Chateau de Courseulle sur Mer ]

Chateau de Couselles sur mer

And perhaps will be able to go visit the France and tour the chateau.

Children of Louis Loisel/Loysel and Jeanne LeTerrier are:

i.    Philippe2 Loiselle, b. 1617, France.  Baptism: 02 Apr 1617, St  Germain  Courseulles-sur-Mer  Normandie (Calvados), France (parrain:  Philippe Quertiers, avocat en vicomte a Caen; marrain: Damoiselle Anne Le Sens  )

ii.    Louis Loisel/Loysel , b. 02 Jun 1618, Saint-Germain-la-Blance-Herbe, de Caen (Bayeux), Normandie, m. Marie-Marguerite Charlot, 13 Jan 1647/48, Montreal, QC (Notre Dame)  b. 1612, Saint-Jean-en-Greve, Paris, France.  He was baptised on: 02 Jun 1618, Courseulles-sur-Mer (St-Germain) (Calvados : 14191) (Source: Roland-Yves Gagné, MSGCF, vol. 50, p. 43 –   DGFQ, p. 740   Notes: Catholique.  Son père est procureur au château de Courseulle-sur-Mer.) and Burial: 04 Sep 1691, Montreal, QC

iii.    Marie-Madeleine Loiselle, b. 1619, France.  Baptism: 04 Dec 1619, St  Germain  Courseulles-sur-Mer  Normandie (Calvados), France  ( parrain:   Noble Homme Charles Le Sens; marrain:  Damoiselle Marie Madeleine Tirel)

And I look forward to hearing other news of Louis Loisel and Jeanne LeTerrier and their lives in France, to meet more Loiselle cousins … and to add more Loisel descendants to the family tree.

[ I have to thank people like Terry, Larry, Tom and the late, Otto Palfenier, that have provided me with information about this couple from their lives in France.  And this shows the possibility of relatives in France!]


2 Responses to “Louis Loisel m Jeanne LeTerrier”

  1. Véronique Says:

    Seriously … Thank you so much !!! I’m doing my family tree and I’m on four website and I see something differente on each one … It was very discouraging !!!!

  2. Where in the world are the Loisel descendants? | Sinotte Loiselle Genealogy Blog Says:

    […] documented over 17,000+ descendants of Louis Loisel  that first came to Canada in 1643, son of Louis Loisel and Jeanne LeTerrier from St Germain de La Blanche Herb in Normandie, […]

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