From Loiselle to Wisell

It is only 134 miles from St-Charles  through Pointe Olivier QC to Ticonderoga NY through Shoreham VT. 

I met Walter “Bud” Wisell, generation 10 Loiselle back in 2002 

The Wisell’s of upstate Yew York and Vermont – whether that is in Shoreham area or in Rutland VT area – are likely descendants of Louis Loisel – unless they are German Wissell’s.  There are also Wisell’s in Westport NY area, but haven’t connected them to the Loiselle family tree year.

So, only 134 miles from St-Charles to Shoreham, but 6 generations later, a migration from St-Charles to Pointe Olivier, to Marieville to Shoreham and finally Ticonderoga, with a name change from Loiselle to Wisell about 1850s. But still direct descendants of Loisel!
Generation 9: Emery Wisell (son of William Wisell and Mary Ann Dukett) was born in Shoreham and raised in Cream Hill. His father came to Ticonderoga to work in the paper mill. Emery married a second time after his first wife died young, and raised a family of six children in Ticonderoga, NY.

Generation 8: Wiliam Oliver Wisell (son of Olivier Wisell and Julia Cheney) was born in Ticonderoga NY, but married and raised a family of 7 children in Cream Hill, near Shoreham, until he moved back to Ticonderoga to work in the paper mill.  All of his children except John ended up in Ticonderoga. His wife Mary Ann Dukett was from Bridport, VT.

Generation 7: Oliver Wisell (son of Pierre Loiselle and Marie Demers) was born in 1831 in Marieville, QC. he moved to Shoreham with his parents before 1850, married Julia Cheney  there and had 9 children there.

Generation 6: Pierre Loiselle (son of Jean Baptiste Loiselle and Marie Dion) was born in 1793 in Pointe-Olivier, QC. He married Marie Demers in 1814 in Marieville, QC. They had 16 children there.  Pierre died in Marieville in 1845 in Marieville. By the 1850 census, several of his children ended up migrated to Shoreham VT area.

Generation 5: Jean-Baptiste Loiselle-Sinotte (son of Jean Baptiste Loiselle and Apoline Desbled) was born in St-Charles, QC and married Marie Dion there in 1785. They had at least 7 chldren in Pointe-Olivier, QC. Jean-Baptiste died in Marieville in 1821.
Generation 4: Jean-Baptiste Loiselle (son of Jean-Baptiste Loiselle and Marie-Anne Beaudry) was born in PAT in 1721, married there in 1748 to Apoline Desbled, had 14 children in St-Charles, QC and died in St-Charles in 1788.

Generation 3: Jean-Baptiste Loiselle b 1672 in Pointe aux Trembles, QC married Marie Anne Beaudry in 1718. They had 12 children in Pointe aux Trembles.

Generation 2: Joseph Loiselle married Jeanne Langlois in 1682 in Pointe-aux Trembles.

Generation 1: Louise Loisel married Marguerite Charlot in 1648 in Montreal QC after coming from France to Canada in 1647.


18 Responses to “From Loiselle to Wisell”

  1. Rob Louisell Says:

    How does the “Louisell” name play into this?
    Rob Louisell

    • karensinotte Says:

      Louisell is a spelling of Loiselle – descendants of Louis Loisel – in Michigan, Illinois and Vermont.
      Spelling the name as it sounded to the locals.
      There are some Louisell’s that are descendants of Rene Venet, after the name change to Loisel in Canada, and Louisell in the states.
      And there are other Louisell’s that are not related to any Loisel’s from french Canadian heritage.
      Which one are you – do you think?

  2. Aaron Gustafson Says:

    I am Aaron Gustafson, son of Denise Wisell (Emery Wisell’s youngest daughter & sister to Bud). I guess that makes me generation 11. As far as I know, the name Wisell ended in our family with generation 10 (I believe everyone had girls with the exception of my mother). Let me know if you ever want anymore background on the family.

    • karensinotte Says:

      Great to hear from you Aaron. We are 7th cousins once removed. Your mom, Denise is 11th generation descendant of Louis Loisel making you 12th generation. I think that there are still some Wisell’s
      out there having sons to carry out the family name beyond the 11th generation!

    • Kathy Ann (Cooke) Curtis Says:

      Hi Aaron Gustafson. I’m Kathy Curtis (your mom would remember me as Kathy Cooke). We are actually cousins, Emery Wisell was my Grandmother Anna Aunchman’s brother. I went to school with Denise. This was interesting to read, about the Wisell family.

  3. Elizabeth Davis Says:

    I’m descended from Charles Loisel dit Senot of Marieville (bap 19 Jan 1817) who married 1st Emmaline and 2nd Elizabeth LaPlante. He lived in Shelburne, VT in 1850 as Charles Wiswell. He had several sons and daughters, though I am descended from his daughter Rose Sinnett who married Jean-Baptiste Beauchamp (John Fields) who is also descended from Louis Loisel via Jeanne Loisel. Rose was apparently born and lived her whole life in Moriah, New York. I can’t find a census record for Charles Wiswell/Sinnett and family in New York though his children appear around Moriah, NY and Seattle, WA. Any ideas?

    • karensinotte Says:

      I will see what I can find.
      I have a Charles Loizel dit Sinot of Marieville that was baptised Jan 29, 1817, the son of Alphonse Loisel dit Sinot and Euphrosine Masse dit Sancere. I have him later married to Julie Adam in 1837 with 14 children married between then and 1859 in Marieville, QC. That can’t be the Charles Loiselle/Wisell that you mention. There is no daughter Rose.

    • karensinotte Says:

      I think that I found your Charles Loiselle from the information that you provided…. however, if you have additional information, I can spend a bit more time to verify a bit more.

      What do you think of this

      Charles8 Loiselle-Sinotte (Joseph7, Joseph6 Loiselle-Sinot, Toussaint5 Loiselle, Jean-Baptiste4, Joseph3, Louis2 Loisel/Loysel, Louis1) was born 08 Nov 1811 in St-Hyacinthe, St-Hyacinthe, QC. He married (1) Marcelline Dufault 27 Oct 1840 in St-Hugues, QC, daughter of François Dufault and Desanges Perras. She died 23 Jun 1841 in St-Hugues, QC. He married (2) Isabelle Plante 23 Nov 1841 in St-Hugues, QC. She was born Aft. 1811.

      Child of Charles Loiselle-Sinotte and Marcelline Dufault is:
      i. Anonym9 Loiselle, b. 23 Jun 1841, St-Hugues, QC; d. 23 Jun 1841, St-Hugues, QC.

      Child of Charles Loiselle-Sinotte and Isabelle Plante is:
      ii. Louis9 Loiselle-Sinotte, b. 15 May 1843, St-Hugues, QC.

      • Elizabeth Davis Says:

        I’ve done a bit of research and agree that Charles b. 1811 is my 3rd great grandfather. This is especially likely because he’s listed as a blacksmith in the marriage records and U.S. census records. The birth date threw me off, and Isabelle’s name change bothered me, but he’s the man. Plus the genealogy you published on this blog easily connected Charles back to Louis. Merci! If you’d like to see the documents I’ve found about Charles and his children, my information is on a public tree (Fields-Cudworth-Davis-White Family Tree) on I probably won’t have any significant updates until I visit some cemeteries in Moriah, NY this summer. I’d say the Sinnett spelling is confirmed. Again, merci!

      • karensinotte Says:

        What great work on your Sennett family branch. … and such great pictures.
        I updated my “dit” name posting!

    • karensinotte Says:

      After our Sinotte Loiselle reunion in Montreal in June, we added some information to our posting about Jeanne Loiselle that married Jean Beauchamp … and several Beauchamp cousins have made some notes! Let us know if you have more to add.

  4. Mrs. Rupert Says:

    Thank you Karen AND Elizabeth, I think I may have found my line! I am descended from the Sinnetts and found it perplexing that my Grandfather insisted that we were French Canadian when my research indicated that Sinnett was an irish surname. Elizabeths research has been quite impressive. Charles Loisel dit Sinnett (b.1815)had a daughter Rose and a son Joseph. That is how Elizabeth and I are related.

    The Laussen connection in Essex, NY was harder for me to wrap my mind around then Wissel. But with all of the name and date butchering in these records, I am wondering if the date of 1811 for Charles Loisel dit Sinot may be 1815. A lot of the dates in the canadian records seem to be a bit of a range. He is listed in one US record as around 1825, but the date looks like it could be 1815. The other date looks like it is 1815, 10 years ahead of his wife, Elizabeth! Here is how the Loisel name evolved to Sinnett for me:

    Joseph LOISEL (1654 – 1724) is my 9th great grandfather
    Jean Baptiste LOISEL (1692 – 1767)Son of Joseph
    Toussaint Loiselle dit Sinotte (1725 – 1772)Son of Jean Baptiste
    Joseph Loiselle dit Sinotte (1761 – 1795)Son of Toussaint
    Joseph Loisel dit Sinnett (1783 – 1852)
    Son of Joseph
    Charles Loisel dit Sinnett (1815 – )
    Son of Joseph
    Joseph Loisel dit Sinnett (1846 – 1912)
    Son of Charles
    Joseph Henry Sinnett (1866 – 1944)
    Son of Joseph
    Elfy Larenzo Sinnett (1892 – 1979)
    Son of Joseph Henry
    James Alphonses Sinnett (1925 – 2005)
    Son of Elfy Larenzo
    I am the grand-daughter of James Alphonses

    • karensinotte Says:

      How very cool to meet another cousin. We are sixth cousins once removed … a little bit more distantly related than you and Elizabeth.
      This is the “fun-nest” part of genealogy – how it connects cousins!

      I made a note in my records that someone named Diana Conger had looked up the baptism records for Charles Loisel dit Sinot b. Nov 8, 1811 in St-hyacinthe QC. I am not sure how Diana Conger is connected, I don’t appear to have any other notes from her.
      Thiis of course if different from the baptism date that Elizabeth gave of 19 Jan 1817.
      If either of you verify – you can look it up in Drouin records posted on , let me know and I will update the records!

      There have to be other family tree branches that ended up Sinnett’s then.
      As far as I can tell the Sinotte surname started Toussaint Loiselle and Marie-Anne Hogue.
      He was buried Toussaint Loisel Sinot in 1772 but his children were recorded as variations of dit Sinot starting with the first son Touissant b 1752.
      And the last son my descendant Joseph Loisel-Sinot b 1761. Joseph’s godparents were Joseph Senet and Marguerite Lavigne. But this Joseph Senet might indeed be a relative somehow. There was a Joseph Loisel son of Jean Baptiste Loisell and Marie Anne Hogue that died Mar 5 1761 , right after the baptistm, he may have been the grandfather.

      You will also see the spelling Cenot or Cenod

  5. Greg Sinnett Says:

    Hey! Cousins and niece Angela…I hope Elizabeth can confirm some of this guess work. I had no idea how crazy the name changes could get…and now I have found that my great grandmothers dad may have been Jerome dit Lafleur…shorten to Jerome. Regards Greg

  6. Greg Sinnett Says:

    OK…I’m back…there is a book that you can find in pdf format on the web called Sinnett Genealogy 1910 written by Rev C N Sinnett. I also have a hardcopy I bought on Amazon. Anyway, it talks about 500 years of Sinnett’s spelled in many ways. It talks alot about the Irish connection and surprisingly English connection. Based on this book I did a geno tree on the Orr Island MA Sinnett’s. Not finding a connection yet I also did a West Virginia Sinnett’s tree finding the ton’s of Sinnett’s decending from Patrick Sinnett another Irishman. The Canadian French thing has always been around but I have yet to tie all of these together. Let’s all keep trying…Later Greg

  7. karensinotte Says:

    Well, with the work that Elizabeth Davis did and the suggestions provided by Greg Sinnett: here is an update on Charles Sinnett and his family from QC to VT to WA!

    Charles8 Sinnett (Joseph7 Loiselle-Sinotte, Joseph6 Loiselle-Sinot, Toussaint5 Loiselle-Sinotte, Jean-Baptiste4 Loiselle, Joseph3, Louis2 Loisel/Loysel, Louis1) was born 08 Nov 1811 in St-Hyacinthe, St-Hyacinthe, QC, and died Aft. 1885 in Nebraska. He married (1) Marcelline Dufault 27 Oct 1840 in St-Hugues, QC, daughter of François Dufault and Desanges Perras. She was born Aft. 1811 in QC, and died 23 Jun 1841 in St-Hugues, QC. He married (2) Elizabeth Isabelle Badaillac dit LaPlante 23 Nov 1841 in St-Hugues, QC. She was born 1822 in QC, and died 14 Oct 1896 in Machias, Snohoush, WA.

    Child of Charles Sinnett and Marcelline Dufault is:
    i. Anonym9 Loiselle, b. 23 Jun 1841, St-Hugues, QC; d. 23 Jun 1841, St-Hugues, QC.

    Children of Charles Sinnett and Elizabeth LaPlante are:
    ii. Lewis9 Wiswell, b. 15 May 1843, St-Hugues, Bagot, QC; d. Aft. 1890, NY.
    iii. Joseph Sinnett, b. 29 Apr 1846, Ste-Rosalie, Bagot, QC; d. 09 Sep 1912, Seattle, King, WA; m. Emiline Monty, 25 Jun 1864, Port Henry, Essex, NY; b. 29 Dec 1844, Black Brook, Clinton, NH; d. 31 May 1910, Seattle, King, WA.
    iv. Elizabeth Lib Wiswell, b. 1847, VT; d. Aft. 1850, VT; m. Marshall Robare; b. Bef. 1847, .
    v. Margaret Wiswell, b. 1849, VT; d. Aft. 1850, .
    vi. Rose Sinnett, b. 15 Dec 1854, Moriah, NY; d. 16 Mar 1948, Moriah, NY; m. John Fields, 1872, Moriah, Essex, NY; b. 01 Jan 1845, Chertsey, Leinster, QC; d. 14 Mar 1926, Moriah, NY.
    vii. Charles Sinnett, b. 12 Dec 1857, Moriah, Essex, NY; d. 02 Sep 1936, Seattle, King, WA; m. Loverna Blore, 1882; b. 16 Oct 1863, Radcliff, Vinton, OH; d. 27 Jan 1944, Seattle, King, WA.
    viii. Henry B Sinnett, b. 1861, VT; d. .
    ix. Peter Sinnett, b. Sep 1867, Moriah, NY; d. 07 Jul 1948, Lewis, WA; m. Lillian P, 1896; b. 1877, QC; d. Aft. 1920, WA.

  8. christopherloiselle Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a descendant of Louis Loisel circa 1592. I am piecing together my family tree over on I look forward to finding all sorts of cousins on this website. This is truly amazing research by Karen.

  9. Angela Rupert Says:

    I still find this interesting that this Grandfather went by 3 names and moved around like he did, makes me wonder what his story was. Also his daughter Rose stated that they changed their name from Wiswell to Sinnett and she didn’t know why? It is a big mystery!

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