Benoit Sinotte

Benoit Sinotte was a my cousin 2nd cousin twice removed.  His dad was Robert, his grandfather was Jean Baptiste Sinotte who married Elvire Godbout in 1883  in St-Camille, QC who was son of Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte who married Edesse Daignault in 1844 in St-Dominique, QC where they lived until about 1863, when they moved to St-George-de-Windsor, QC.  Joseph and Edesse had 9 children in total including Pierre Sinotte who was my great great grandfather.    Pierre Sinotte’s family lived in St-George.

I had the opportunity to chat with Benoit a couple of times on the telephone.  It was a pleasure to have spoken with him and hear stories of how his Sinotte’s and my Sinotte’s occassionally crossed paths. .. and the stories he told of his chldren growing up.

Here is the notice of Benoit’s passing, that my other cousin, Ralph Smith sent to me.  

Benoit Sinotte Mar 14 2010

Benoit looks so much like my uncle Vic.

All the Best to Benoit’s family.


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