St-Hyacinthe, QC

The village of Saint-Hyacinthe was established in 1849 with a population of 10,200. A year later, it was a town, and by 1857, it was a city.  The first Loiselle-dit-Sinotte was  born there in 1811.
Several branches Loiselle dit Sinotte’s settled in Saint-Hyacinthe.
The first Loiselle-dit-Sinotte family in St-Hyacinthe, appears to be that of Joseph Loiselle dit Sinotte (son of Joseph Loiselle  and Judith Gosselin) and Josephte Pinsonneault. They were married in St-Marc, QC in 1805.  They had 12 chldren, they had a child born in St-Marc, then St-Charles, then La Presentation and their first child Charles Loiselle-Sinotte was born in St-Hyacinthe, QC in 1811. 
Joseph was known as Joseph Sinotte in the 1852 Census, and they were living with Pierre Sinotte, both Joseph and Pierre were farmers.

Then there is Andre Loiselle-dit-Sinotte, the nephew of Joseph Loiselle above, that came to Saint-Hyacinthe around 1839. Andre Loiselle-dit-Sinotte (son of Jean-Baptiste Loiselle-Sinotte and Marie-Chapdelaine-Beaulac) that married Celeste Roy on Oct 7, 1839.  In 1851 Census the family surname was recorded as “Sinotte”.  I don’t know much about the descendants of this branch and would love to meet more Sinotte’s.

There is a Moise Loiselle that shows in the 1851 Census. He is third cousin to Andre Sinotte above. He doesn’t come to St-Hyacinthe until 1851 and from st-Denis, QC

Both of these families are listed on the 1852 Census which is available online.
You can find the 1901 Census for the county of St-Hyacinthe at this link

The 1901 Census lists 47 Loiselle’s in the county of St-Hyacinthe including villiages of St-Hyacinthe-Le-Confesseur, Saint-Damase, Saint-Charles, La Presentation, Notre-Dame-de-St-Hyacinthe,  as well as the city of St-Hyacinthe.

There was one Sinotte family living  in , Benjamin Sinotte and his wife Louise Morin. I wasn’t ablet to find him after the 1901 Census and several of eight of the children that I was able to document, moved to the Unites states so it is possible that he went south as well.

From the 1901 Census link you can also go to the 1911 Census.

I went to visit Saint-Hyacinthe several times on the way to visiting my Aunt and Uncle and cousins in Granby.  And it was my Aunt Raymonde that told me about it and first brought me there. There was such a treasure trove of information there. I spent several days there.

If you are in the neighborhood, check out Centre d’histoire de Saint-Hyacinthe.  Check out the website before you go to confirm the hours.



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