Generation 8: Pierre Sinotte married Elise Proulx 1883

Updated September 2013.

Pierre Sinotte was born 1855 in St-Dominique, QC, the fifth child of Joseph Loiselle and Edesse Daignault. In 1871 Census, he was 15 and not in school.

He married Elise Proulx in 1883 in St-George-de-Windsor, QC.  They had 15 children over 29 years.

Pierre Sinotte had red hair and large red handle-bar moustache. Claude Sinotte has a picture (per Yolande).

Pierre died at age 63 after a farm accident in the fourth row north to St-Georges-de-Windsor. He broke his back. He had the body perforated in several places and died after nine days

“En Mai 1918, a St-George, Pierre Sinotte est victime d’un attelage quit prit l’epouvante, cet attelage tirait une herse. M. Sinotte fut pietine par un des cheveau et fut frappe par la herse. Un medecin de Wotton fut appele qui constata que la colone vertebrale avait ete brisee” (Source: Histoire de Windsor et ses environs, par Guy Moreau, page 105).

Here is a photo of their granddaughters Estelle and Irene Boisclair visiting at the farm in St-George-de-Windsor in the early 1920s.

Estelle and Irene visiting at St Georges

[Photo provided by Frances Caron Laroche, September 2013]

His wife, Elise, died of a heart attack in 1940 (Per Veronique).

Here is the headstone for Pierre Sinotte and Elise Proulx, they were buried in the cemetery at St-George-de-Windsor.

[Photo taken by Nicole Labreche, Aug 2009]

1878: Godparent for Marie Philomène daughter of Joseph Loiselle  et Agnès Lacerte baptised in St. George on 25.08.1878

1901 Census
District: QU RICHMOND & WOLFE (#187) Subdistrict: Saint-Georges-de-Windsor m-2 Page 5 &6. See posting here.

41 51 Sinot Pierre M Head M Nov 19 1853 47
42 51 Sinot Elise F Wife M Jan 28 1865 35
43 51 Sinot Philias M Son S Oct 19 1884 16
44 51 Sinot Clara F Daughter S Jul 1 1886 14
45 51 Sinot Léase F Daughter S Jan 28 1888 13
46 51 Sinot Armidas M Son S Apr 15 1889 11
47 51 Sinot Donas M Son S Jan 13 1890 10
48 51 Sinot Wilfrid M Son S Oct 7 1894 6
49 51 Sinot Lumina F Daughter S Nov 20 1896 4
1 51 Sinot Merida??? M Son S Feb 16 1897 3

1911 Census Quebec / Richmond-Wolfe / 15 St. George de Windsor / page 2

23    15 Sinotte Pierre   M Head M Nov 1857 54 1901
24    15 Sinotte Elise   F Wife M Jan 1866 45 1901
25    15 Sinotte Léas   M Daughter S Jan 1888 23 1901
26    15 Sinotte Hormidas   M Son S Apr 1889 22 1901
27    15 Sinotte Donat   M Son S Jan 1891 20 1901
28    15 Sinotte Wilfrid   M Son S Oct 1894 17 1901
29    15 Sinotte Lumina   F Daughter S Nov 1896 15 1901
30    15 Sinotte Mérida   M Son S Feb 1898 13 1901
31    15 Sinotte Rosealba   F Daughter S May 1901 10 1901
32    15 Sinotte George   M Son S Jan 1903 8 1901
33    15 Sinotte Omer   M Son S Jun 1906 5 1901
34    15 Sinotte Cecile   F Daughter S Dec 1909 1

About the Family:

Pierre9 Sinotte  (Joseph8 Loiselle-Sinotte, Jean-Baptiste7, Joseph6 Loiselle-Sinot, Toussaint5 Loiselle, Jean-Baptiste4, Joseph3, Louis2 Loisel/Loysel, Louis1) was born 10 Oct 1855 in St. Dominique, QC, and died 21 Jun 1918 in St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC.  He married Elise Proulx 22 Oct 1883 in St. George de Windsor, QC, daughter of Chrysologue Proulx and Mathilde Allard.  She was born 25 Jan 1865 in QC, and died 19 May 1940 in St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC. She died of a heart attack per Veronique.

Children of Pierre Sinotte and Elise Proulx are:

i.    Philias Joseph Zakarias10 Sinotte, b. 19 Oct 1884, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC ; d. 21 Dec 1948, Bromptonville, QC; m. Marie-Anna Foucault, 16 Jun 1908, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond, QC (Saint-Georges); b. 07 Feb 1890, Wotton, QC; d. 21 Jun 1957, Bromptonville, QC.  The Foucaults appear to have been in St. Georges de Windsor as early as 1871 Census (I believe it is her father Delphis that was 11 years old then).

ii.    Clara Marie Sinotte, b. 01 Jul 1886, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. Bef. 1976, Canada; m. Edmond Hercule Henri Boisclair, 31 May 1915, St. Phillippe Windsor, Richmond, QC (Source: Douin from Bill Fleming.); b. 11 Nov 1881, Ste-Camille, QC.

iii.    Leose (Joseph-Leas) Sinotte, b. 26 Jan 1888, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 1979, Windsor, Richmond, QC (Source: BMS 2000.); m. Olivina (Marie-Olivine-Aldreat) Moreau, 18 Jun 1912, St. Georges-de-Windsor, QC; b. 15 Jun 1889, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond, QC; d. 1961, Windsor, Richmond, QC (Source: BMS 2000.).

iv.    Hormidas-Joseph Sinotte, b. 16 Apr 1889, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. May 1956, Montreal, QC; m. Antonine Desmarchais, 26 Apr 1930, Montreal, QC (Notre Dame de Neiges) b. 06 Sep 1906, QC; d. Jun 2000, Montreal, QC.

v.    Donat (Joseph Donat) Sinotte, b. 13 Jan 1891, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC (Source: BMS 2000.); d. 22 Jul 1974, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC (Source: Celebataire (single) at the time of his death. death certificate # 4-04-124-347.); m. Rosalie Fortin, 1930, Poularies, QC (Source:; b. Bet. 1891 – 1912, QC.

vi.    Henri Sinotte, b. 13 Oct 1892, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 1895 at age 3, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC.Godparents are Pierre Raymond and Angela Lavigne [thanks to Veronique for providing this addition]

vii.    Wilfrid Sinotte, b. 17 Oct 1894, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 08 Dec 1979, Marieville, QC (Source: Death Cert #79-04-138-238); m. Alexina Laplante, 25 Sep 1929, Windsor, Richmond, QC (Saint-Philippe) (Source: Marriage cert #29-04-109-522); b. 23 Oct 1906, QC; d. 10 Apr 1974, Richelieu, QC (Source: Death cert #74-04-111-471).

viii.    Marie-Lumina Sinotte, b. 20 Nov 1896, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 1972, Windsor, Richmond, QC; m. Joseph Philippe Nazaire Grondin, 31 Jul 1916, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond, QC (Saint-Georges); b. 24 Jul 1893, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. Bet. 1921 – 1979, QC.

ix.    Maereda (Joseph Mérida) Sinotte, b. 14 Feb 1899, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 19 Jun 1977, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; m. Melina Thiboutot, 09 Jan 1924, St. Georges-de-Windsor, QC; b. 14 Aug 1905, QC; d. 01 Feb 1977, St-George-de-Windsor, QC.

x.    Joseph Omer Arthur Sinotte, b. 1901, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC (Source: BMS 2000.).

xi.    Rose Alba Sinotte, b. 06 May 1901, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 07 May 1965, Richmond, QC; m. Adolphie/Delphis Provencher (Source: Dictionnaire Genealogique Des Families Provencher en Amerique 1660-1995, Gerard Provencher.), 27 Jul 1922, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond, QC (Saint-Georges) (Source: Dictionnaire Genealogique Des Families Provencher en Amerique 1660-1995, Gerard Provencher. (This source shows marriage as July 30, 1922)  ); b. 27 Dec 1890, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 30 Apr 1964, Sherbrooke, QC.

xii.    George (Joseph Léopold George) Sinotte, b. 12 Jan 1903, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC (Source: BMS 2000.); d. 03 Feb 1976, West Epping, NH 03042. George moved to NH to work in factories. Never married. Died at age 76 according to Obit.

xiii.    Omar (Joseph Omer Henri) Sinotte, b. 27 Jun 1905, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 05 Dec 1963, Montreal, QC (Source: Death Cert #63-04-135-524); m. Josephine Guay, 24 Jan 1942, Saint-Francois-Xavier de Brompton, Richmond, QC (Saint-Francois-Xavier) (Source: St. Hyacinthe Archives (Priest there did research).); b. Bet. 1905 – 1924. In 1927,  Omer was godfather of nephew Aurelien Sinotte

xiv.    Cecile Bernadette Sinotte, b. 14 Dec 1909, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 13 Nov 1986, Volusia Co., FL (Source: Florida Death Index. Cecile Guite d. 13 Nov 1986 Volusia age  76  race White born  14 Dec 1909 ); m. (1) Julien Brouillard, 11 Jul 1928, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond, QC (Saint-Georges); b. Abt. 1908, Windsor, Richmond, QC; m. (2) Jean-Lucien Guite, 21 Oct 1970, Montreal, QC (Source: Cecile SINOTTE (divorced) m: Jean-Lucien GUITE (widow), Montréal, 1970-10-21 ; b. Bef. 1909, QC; d. Bef. 1976. In 1935, Cecile Sinotte and Julien Brouillard were godparents for niece Marie Angeline Gratia Sinotte, daughter of Wilfrid Sinotte and Alexina Plante. In 1927,  Cecile was godmother of nephew Aurelien Sinotte

xv.    Anonyme Sinotte, b. 14 Feb 1912, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; d. 14 Feb 1912, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC. Per Drouin, “buried in the cemetery of this parish, a child anonyme  of Pierre Sinotte, cultivateur and Elise Proulx of this parish, died quelques instants apres sa naissance, apres avoir ete ondoye a la maison par le Docteur, Jean Louis Vailleux de cette Paroisse, present at the burial, Pierre Sinotte and Theophile Marin both signed.”  This child was born a few days before Pierre and Elise’s grandson, Adrien Sinotte

[Nicole Labreche mentions that a family Sinotte lived in a house at the bottom of the hill just in front of the Provencher family as last as 1963, so perhaps will meet some Sinotte’s from that family!]


18 Responses to “Generation 8: Pierre Sinotte married Elise Proulx 1883”

  1. Véronique Says:

    Do you know which descendant is yours ?? I’m from Wilfrid Sinotte … Pierre Sinotte is my grand-grand-grand-father.

    • karensinotte Says:

      Pierre Sinotte is my 2nd great grand father.
      I am descendant of Philias Sinotte, the brother of your Wilfrid Sinotte who married Marie anna Foucault.

  2. Véronique Says:

    Just to know .. can you sent me the picture of Pierre ???

    • karensinotte Says:

      We don’t have any Sinotte photos of Pierre or any of the Sinottes from St Georges. But would love to find some. So we are keeping our eyes out … if you come across any, let us know!

  3. Véronique Says:

    Pierre died after a farm accident in the fourth row north to St-Georges-de-Windsor. He had the body perforated in several places and died after nine days.

    You didn’t put this little information 🙂

    • karensinotte Says:

      Here is the reference to the newspaper article about the farm accident of Pierre Sinotte. The article reads: En Mai 1918, a St-George, Pierre Sinotte est victime d’un attelage quit prit l’epouvante, cet attelage tirait une herse. M. Sinotte fut pietine par un des cheveau et fut frappe par la herse. Un medecin de Wotton fut appele qui constata que la colone vertebrale avait ete brisee (Source: Histoire de Windsor et ses environs, par Guy Moreau, page 105).

    • Nicole Labrèche Says:

      From 1978 to 1996, we lived in a house that once was owned by a Sinotte family. The house was located at the bottom of the hill just in front of the house of Provencher family. When we bought the house the Sinotte family have been gone since about 15 years.
      Nicole Labrèche

      • karensinotte Says:

        Nicole Labreche thanks for your note. I have done a couple of road trips to St Georges over the years and didn’t know at the time that there were Sinotte’s still in the area. Too bad.
        There were two Sinotte families still living in St Georges by the early 1970s. That would be Donat Sinotte and Maereda Sinotte.
        And so much hoping to trace any photos of the Sinotte’s in St Georges. Even a photo of the house would be lovely if you have one!

  4. Véronique Says:

    Elise Proulx died from a heart attack ….

  5. Véronique Says:

    They had an other Child who not here …

    Henri Sinotte
    died: arround 1895

    He died at 3 years old.

    Godparents are Pierre Raymond and Angela Lavigne

  6. Francine Caron Laroche Says:

    My mother, Estelle Boisclair, born May 31st 1916, died in october 2003. She was the daughter of Clara Sinotte and Edmour Boisclair.
    Estelle Boisclair married Léon Caron in 1939, they had 9 children between 1940 and 1957:
    I have a question regarding Élise Proulx, it seems to me that my mother mentionned that her grandmother would have been of indian descendants ???

    • karensinotte Says:

      Nice to hear from your Francine. You would be my dad’s second cousin. I am told that my grandmother lived in Coaticook near your family in the late 1940s. I don’t suppose you guys have any old photos of the Sinotte’s from their time in Coaticook or from visits to relatives in St-George? We don’t have any photos at all.
      I have Elise Proulx’s grandmother as Marie-Agathe Genereux married Jean-Baptiste Proulx in 1821 in Berthier, QC. I didn’t pull the marriage record so not sure of her parents or her ancestry. But I will keep an eye out. Let me know if you find anything! I understand that there are still Proulx’s in St-Georges as well who might know more.

  7. Francine Caron Laroche Says:

    What were your grandmother’s and grandfather’s names ?
    Also, I would like to send you photos of my mother and her sister visiting in St-Georges and also a photo of Clara Sinotte and Edmour Boisclair’s mariage. Please send me your email adress.

  8. Normand Charest Says:

    Hi,First I want to thank you again Karen for information you sent me by mail about 20 years ago.Pierre was the brother of my great great grandfarther.I have 3 photos. One is of my grandfather visiting relatives in,which I assume,is in St George,I am guessing it had to be between 1940 -1948. One photo is of 10 adults and a boy about 9-12 years old, one is of 6 adults and 1 boy,1 girl around 6-8 years old and from the clothing I am guessing it is in the 1920’s. The other photo is of a couple in they 30-40 year old range ,which I believe are my grandparents but I cannot be certain,it may be of interest because they are posing in front of a house.If anyone is interested I will try to upload them.Just want to add this website is priceless,thanks for all the work you have done.

  9. Normand Charest Says:

    I’m afraid I posted to soon,these pictures obviously would not be of anyone in your direct lineage. Looking foward to more information from this site. Norm.

  10. Nicole labreche Says:

    Un lien a été fait à côté de la pierre tombale de Pierre Sinotte ver l’histoire de Pierre Sinotte

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