Generation 7: Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte married Edesse Daignault 1844

Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte was the fifth child and fourth son of Jean Baptiste Loiselle-Sinotte and Marie Chapdelaine-Beaulac and was born in 1819 in La Presentation, Quebec.

Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte married Edesse Daignault.  From marriage certificate Joseph was a “cultivateur de Stuckley” at the time of his marriage in 1844. His parents “JB Loiselle dit Sinotte and Marie Chapdelaine dit Beaulac of this parish”, Edesse’s parents listed as  “Michele Daigneau, Cultivateur, and Victorine Miclet of this parish”. Witnesses were Piere Bergeron de Roseford de Pond, Ambroise Maheux and Joseph Robittaile.

Joseph Loiselle-dit-Sinotte and Edesse Daignault were the first Loiselle-dit-Sinotte’s in St-Georges-de-Windsor.  Here is a picture of the village of St-George-de-Windsor.

The View of Saint-Georges-de-Windsor today from Wikipedia

The View of Saint-Georges-de-Windsor today from Wikipedia

They came from St-Dominique to St-Georges sometime after the 1861 census (they aren’t in 1861 Census for that year) but before May 2, 1866 when their child Jacques Elie died in St-Georges. Jacques Elie was just 5 years old.  And, sadly, a second child, Marie-Edesse, who died just two months later, she was 15 years old.   Joseph Sinotte and Edesse Daignault had a son Benjamin Sinotte born 1863 but I can’t find his birth certificate either in St-Dominique or in St-Georges.

Joseph Loiselle died in 1899 in St- George de Windsor at the age of 70, he was widowed 6 years earlier.

St. Georges, QC Census 1871
1038 SINOTTE Joseph 50 cultivateur, marié, ne sait ni lire ni écrire
1039 SINOTTE Édesse 47 mariée, ne sait ni lire ni écrire
1040 SINOTTE Pierre 15
1041 SINOTTE Jean-Baptiste 13
1042 SINOTTE Benjamin 8 écolier
1043 SINOTTE Élie 2
1044 SINOTTE Joseph 23 ne sait pas écrire
1045 SINOTTE Philomène 17

1881  Census Place Ste-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond & Wolfe, Quebec
District   53 Sub-district   A Page Number   30 Household Number   125
Joseph SINOTTE   M   Male   French   61   Quebec   Cultivateur   Cotholique Roman
Edesse DAIGNEAU   M   Female   French   58   Quebec      Cotholique Roman
Pierre SINOTTE      Male   French   24   Quebec   Cultivateur   Cotholique Roman
Jean Baptiste SINOTTE      Female   French   22   Quebec   Cultivateur   Cotholique Roman
Benjamin SINOTTE      Male   French   17   Quebec   Apprenti-Cordonnier   Cotholique Roman
Elie SINOTTE      Male   French   13   Quebec      écolier Cotholique Roman
Philomine SINOTTE      Female   French   26   Quebec      Cotholique Roman

Additional Notes:

1866: Two children died the same year within 2 months – Elie at 5 years old and Marie at 15 years old.
1867: Patrick Lynch époux de Ann Bourk died age 74 ans on 17-Nov-1867, buried on 20-11-1867 in St. George de Windsor, witnesses Eugène Poirier et Joseph Sinotte. Which Joseph is unknown.
1875: Maybe godfather to Joseph son of Jean-Baptiste et Agnès Lacerte born11.03.1875 baptised 12.03.1875 in St. George de Windsor with Marie Chaîné as godmother (this could be Marie Charne grandmother (mother of Agnes)
1884: Marie LAFLÈCHE épouse d’Alexis Beauchesne died at age 41 ans on 26-05-1884 buried 29-05-1884 in St. George de Windsor, with Witnesses Joseph Sinotte et Joseph Foucault (not sure if this is the right Joseph – this could be the first connection between Foucault and Sinotte)
1884: Joseph and Edesse were godparents for grandchild Camille Sinotte (son of Jean-Baptiste et Elvira Godbout)

A bit about St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC:

The first birth in Saint-Georges-de-Windsor was at least 1855 if not earlier.  In 1861 Census, there were 610 people living in St-Georges with 129 children shown as born in St-Georges. The oldest being 14.  There were a total of 71 students in the village out of 247 children age 5 through 16 that might have been considered school age.

The catholic church of the village was built in 1870 – it is supposed the only church in Quebec that has statutes of the 12 apostles. St-Georges is famous for its cheese, and for cattle farming.

In the 1871 Census, neither Joseph or Edesse could read or write. Benjamin Sinotte  (age 8) is the only Sinotte child going to school, Elie only 2, and Jean-Baptiste (13) and Pierre (15) perhaps being too old and working on the farm.

There is a great website that publishes a lot of information about the inhabitants of MRC of Asbestos whicn includes the communities of St-Georges-de-Windsor, St-Camille, Asbestos, Danville, St-Adrien, Saint-Joseph-de-Ham Sud and Wotton. It provides baptisms, marriages, deaths, census and other information of interest.

About the family: 

Joseph8 Loiselle-Sinotte  (Jean-Baptiste7, Joseph6 Loiselle-Sinot, Toussaint5 Loiselle, Jean-Baptiste4, Joseph3, Louis2 Loisel/Loysel, Louis1) was born 26 Jul 1819 in La Presentation, St-Hyacinthe,  QC, and died 16 Jun 1899 in St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC.  He married Edesse Daignault 22 Jan 1844 in St. Dominique, QC, daughter of Michel Daignault and Victoire Michelet.  She was born 1823 in < QC >, and died Nov 1893 in < St. Georges, QC >.

Children of Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte and Edesse Daignault are:

i.    Joseph9 Sinotte, b. 28 Nov 1844, St. Dominique, QC; d. Aft. 1911, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC; m. Agnes Lacerte, 13 Apr 1874, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; b. 09 Jun 1847, Baie-du-Febvre, QC, QC; d. 12 Jun 1916, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC.

ii.    Marie-Edesse Sinotte, b. 09 Mar 1851, St. Dominique, QC; d. 16 Jul 1866, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC.

iii.    Philomene Sinotte, b. 07 Nov 1853, St. Dominique, QC; d. 23 Jan 1917, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC; m. Pierre Provencher, 04 Jul 1881, St. George de Windsor, QC; b. 23 Jan 1851, Ste-Monique, QC; d. 27 Dec 1916, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC.

iv.    Philippe Sinotte, b. 1855, < St-Dominique, QC >; d. Aft. 1881, < St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond, QC >.

v.    Pierre Sinotte, b. 10 Oct 1855, St. Dominique, QC; d. 21 Jun 1918, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC; m. Elise Proulx, 22 Oct 1883, St. George de Windsor, QC; b. 25 Jan 1865, QC; d. 19 May 1940, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC.

vi.    Jean-Baptiste Sinotte, b. 20 Jan 1858, St. Dominique, QC; d. 25 Jan 1930, St-Camille, Wolfe, QC; m. Elvire Godbout, 16 Apr 1883, St-Camille, Wolfe, QC; b. 17 Jan 1859, < Wotton, QC >; d. Bet. 1911 – 1930, < St-Camille, QC >. His family is listed here in the 1901 Census in St-Camille, QC.

vii.    Jacques-Elie Sinotte, b. 15 Jan 1861, St. Dominique, QC; d. 02 May 1866, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC.

viii.    Benjamin Sinotte, b. 27 Sept 1863 in Wotton, QC ; d. Oct 1920, CH Hotel-Dieu, Montreal, QC; m. Helene Champagne, 30 Jun 1885, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; b. 29 Sep 1859, QC; d. Aft. 1919.

ix.    Elie (Jacques-Elie) Sinotte, b. 02 Oct 1868, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC; d. Aft. 1917, St-Georges-de-Windsor, Richmond-Wolfe, QC; m. (1) Zenabe Laplante, 20 Oct 1891, St Monique, Nicolet, QC; b. 04 Sep 1865, QC; d. 1908, St-Georges-de-Windsor, QC; m. (2) Helene Bourgeois, 31 Jan 1911, Sainte-Monique de Nicolet, QC; b. 13 Oct 1865, Sainte-Monique de Nicolet, QC; d. Aft. 1911, QC.  His family is listed here in 1901 Census in St- George de Windsor, QC.   Elie’s first wife Zenabe died in a horse and buggy accident leaving behind 5 young children. Zenabe was his second wife.  According to Vernonique: Elie died from gangrene in his leg.

If anyone has any additional data on this family, I would love to hear from you and update the family tree.



13 Responses to “Generation 7: Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte married Edesse Daignault 1844”

  1. David Nelson Says:

    I have a Benjamin Sinotte born on Sept, 27, 1863 in Wotton, Quebec

  2. Véronique Says:

    Elie Jacques Sinotte est mort de la gangrène (jambe) … il avait des plaies qui coulait …

    I know it’s discusting !!!

    • karensinotte Says:

      Veronique, I didn’t know that … I don’t have the death dates for Elie or his second wife Helen Bourgeois, if you have it I can add to the family tree. I have that Zenabe Laplante the first wife died in 1908 in a horse and buggy accident.

  3. Francine Caron Laroche Says:

    I am looking to know if anybody knows about Pierre Sinotte’s wife Élise Proulx. My mother, Estelle Boisclair deceased in 2003, was the grand-daughter of Pierre Sinotte and she often mentionned her grand-mother was of indian descent ??

  4. Gilles Gauthier Says:

    Commentaires pour la famille de Joseph Loiselle-Sinotte et Edesse Daigneault

    1. Joseph, n28-11 b1-12-1844, St-Dominique, Comté de Bagot, QC. d avant 1847 probablement aux USA.
    2. Joseph, né en novembre ou décembre 1847 aux USA et b à l’âge de 2 ans et 5 mois le 28 avril 1850 à St-Dominique
    Référence : Recensement de 1851 de St-Dominique. Joseph 1 n’y apparaît pas et Joseph 2, 5 ans, est dit né aux USA
    Au début des années 1840, la famille de Joseph et Edesse semble avoir fait un séjour aux USA. Leur second fils Joseph y est né (fin 1847) selon le recensement de 1851. Leur premier fils Joseph y est sans doute décédé.

    C’est donc Joseph2 qui a marié Agnès Lacerte

    Je doute que iv. Philippe soit un enfant de ce couple. Aucun Philippe n’apparaît dans cette famille aux recensement de 1861 et

    v. Pierre d 2 juin 1918, s 4

    vi Jean-Batiste. Elvire Godbout n 6 février 1858 (b14) Wotton, d 28 janvier 1924 St-Camille (s31)

    viii Benjamin sépulture le 18 octobre1920 à Ste-Monique, Nicolet
    Son épouse serait née 29 septembre 1859 selon le certificat de décès et décédée subitement en la demeure de son fils (Lorenzo)
    médecin à Montréal (Rosemont) le 27 juillet 1934 et enterrée à Ste-Monique le 30

    ix Elie décédé le 26 novembre 1944 à Magog selon le certificat de décès

    • karensinotte Says:

      Wonderful additional information. Thanks.
      I saw a Philippe Sinotte in 1881 Census but in no others, and didn’t know where to put him. Still don’t.
      Are you a cousin?
      I have subsequently found the first son, Joseph Sinotte died 14 april 1846 buried 17 apr 1846 in Saint Hyacinthe, QC (Notre Dame du Rosaire).
      I have to follow up with Norm Charest who has photos of the second son, Joseph Sinotte, from 1940s visiting in St George!
      Met up with cousins, descendants of Jean-Baptiste Sinotte and Elvire Godbout, Benoit and his children, As well as descendants of Elie Jacques Sinotte. Very cool!

  5. Gilles Gauthier Says:

    Merci pour l’information sur Joseph Sinotte, décédé en 1846.
    Non, je ne suis pas un cousin. Parmélie Sinotte (mariée à Athanase Desilets), fille de Jean-Baptiste Sinotte et Elvire Godbout est la grand-mère maternelle de mon épouse.

  6. Gilles Gauthier Says:

    J’ai une photo des soeurs Sinotte, Annette et Parmélie. prise vers 1910. Si vous etes intéressée, je vous l’enverrai.

  7. karensinotte Says:

    Then your wife is a cousin, Parmelie Sinotte’s father is Jean-Baptiste Sinotte, who is the brother of my 2nd great grandfather, Pierre Sinotte from St George. So Parmelie is my 1st cousin 3 times removed and you wife then is probably my first cousin 6 times removed!

  8. Gilles Gauthier Says:

    Vous avez mon «e-mail». Pourriez-vous m’envoyer votre «e-mail» à mon adresse pour que je puisse vous envoyer la photo ?

  9. Generation 8: Jean-Baptiste Sinotte married Elvie Godbout | Sinotte Loiselle Genealogy Blog Says:

    […] Sinotte  is 8th generation descendant of Louis Loisel, sixth child of Joseph Loiselle-sinotte and Edesse Daignault, he was born 20 Jan 1858 in St. Dominique, QC  and died 25 Jan 1930 in St-Camille, Wolfe, QC.  He […]

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