Generation 5: Joseph Loiselle-Sinot m Judith Gosselin, 1782

This is the second generation that the Loiselle-dit-Sinotte name was used. “Dit” names are explained here.

Joseph Loiselle was born 1761. He was the sixth child of Toussaint Loiselle and Marie-Anne Hogue. Joseph Loiselle would have grown up in St-Marc although he was 11 years old when his father died. He was also known as Joseph Loizelle-Synode.

 His godparents were  recorded as Joseph Senet and Marguerite Lavigne.  [I am wondering if Joseph Senet was his uncle, who died March 1761, one month after the baptism.

He married Judith Gosselin in 1782 in Vercheres, QC – that was where Judith was from. Wedding guests included: Jean Baptiste Loisel, uncle; Prudent Loisel, brother; Baptiste Loisel, brother; Pierre Loisel, brother; Joseph Lachapel, brother-in-law or step-brother of groom; Marie-Jean Gosselin, uncle of bride; Joseph Gosselin, brother of bride.  That means, Joseph’s uncle and three of his brothers attended the wedding. His eldest brother Toussaint didn’t come to the wedding. I wonder why? Maybe it was because his wife had just given birth a few months earlier.

Joseph and Judith are recorded here to have had  12 children over 11 years.   The first two children were born in Beloeil, the next six were born in St-Charles, then two born in Beloeil and the last two were born in St-Marc-sur-Richelieu. 

Joseph died at age 34. He left behind his wife with six children living: Judith the oldest was 11, Jean-Baptiste was 9, Andre was 8, Marie-Louise was 2,  Ignace, Michel was just over one and a half  years old and Marie-Louise just 3 months. Unfortunately, Marie-Louise died the following month. Two of the children, Antoine and Marie-Louise, both died two years later in July 1797.  What a tough time that must have been for Judith Gosselin.

Judith Gosselin  remarried in Feb 17, 1800 to Joseph Lussier.

Family of Joseph Loiselle-Sinot and Judith Gosselin

1.  Joseph6 Loiselle-Sinot  (Toussaint5 Loiselle, Jean-Baptiste4, Joseph3, Louis2 Loisel/Loysel, Louis1) was born 27 Feb 1761 in St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, QC, and died 21 Jul 1795 in St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC.  He married Judith Gosselin 08 Jul 1782 in Vercheres, QC, daughter of Gabriel Gosselin and Angelique Coursol.  She was born Feb 1760 in Vercheres, QC, and died Aft. 1800 in QC.

Children of Joseph Loiselle-Sinot and Judith Gosselin are:

                 i.    Joseph7 Loiselle, b. 27 May 1783, Beloeil, QC; d. 06 Feb 1852, St-Hyacinthe, QC; m. Marie-Josephte Pinsonno/Pinsonneault, 16 Sep 1805, St. Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC; b. 12 Jul 1785, St Jean Francois Regis, St Philip, QC.

                ii.    Marie-Judith Loiselle, b. 17 Aug 1784, Beloeil, QC; d. Aft. 1818, QC; m. Antoine Guertin, 17 May 1802, St. Marc-sur-Richelieu; b. Abt. 1784, QC; d. Aft. 1818, QC.

               iii.    Marie-Josephe Loiselle, b. 26 Oct 1785, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC; d. 01 Jan 1787, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC.

               iv.    Jean-Baptiste Loiselle-Sinotte, b. 06 Nov 1786, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC; d. 07 Aug 1868, St. Dominique, QC; m. Marie Chapdelaine-Beaulac, 18 Aug 1812, La Presentation, QC; b. 05 Dec 1792, La Presentation, QC; d. 23 Apr 1871, St. Dominique, QC.

                v.    Andre Loiselle, b. 30 Nov 1787, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC; d. 25 Mar 1874, QC; m. Marie Amable Meunier-Lapierre, 11 Oct 1819, St. Antoine-sur-Richelieu, Vercheres, QC; b. Abt. 1795, QC.

               vi.    Antoine Loiselle, b. 17 Mar 1789, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC; d. 27 Jul 1797, St. Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC.

              vii.    Francois Loiselle, b. 16 Aug 1790, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC; d. 27 Sep 1790, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC.

             viii.    Marie-Louise Loiselle, b. 20 Sep 1791, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC; d. 28 Jul 1797, St. Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC.

               ix.    Marie-Josephe Loiselle, b. 15 Nov 1792, Beloeil, QC; d. 25 Dec 1792, St. Charles-sur-Richelieu. QC.

                x.    Ignace Loiselle, b. 1793, Beloeil, QC.

               xi.    Michel Loiselle, b. 09 Feb 1794, St. Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC; d. Aft. 1834, < St. Dominique, QC >; m. Francoise Forcier, 04 Oct 1819, St Hyacinthe, QC (Notre Dame); b. Bef. 1803, QC; d. Aft. 1834, QC.

              xii.    Marie-Louise Loiselle, b. 14 Apr 1795, St. Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC; d. 13 Aug 1795, St. Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC.



3 Responses to “Generation 5: Joseph Loiselle-Sinot m Judith Gosselin, 1782”

  1. Gilles Gauthier Says:


    ii Judith : d. 20 aout 1834, Nd-du-Rosaire, St-Hyacinthe. (Acte de décès)

    ix Marie-Josephe : baptisée à Beloeil le 16-11-1792, mais sans doute née à St-Charles-sur-Richelieu le 15. Sur l’acte de naissance les parents sont dits de St-Charles

    x. Ignace : je doute qu’il soit né en 1793. ix Marie-Josephe est née 15-11-1792 et xi Michel, est né le 9-2-1794. Il n’y a pas assez de temps (14.5 mois) entre ces deux naissances pour Ignace

  2. karensinotte Says:

    Gilles, excellent additional information that you provided about Judith and Marie-Josephe. About Ignace, I have not found any information about him either other than on this website here:

  3. Gilles Gauthier Says:

    Il manque Josette (née en 1792) dans la liste. J’ai trouvé cette naissance au registre de Beloeil (St-Mathieu). Donc, pour moi, Ignace n’est pas à sa place

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