Rene Venet Descendants

Rene Venet b 1694 in France (Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, district of La Rochelle). He was son of Laurent Venet and Francoise Masson.

Rene immigrated to New France (Quebec at that time) in 1720.

Rene Venet married Marguerite Bigras-Fauvel in Pointe Claire, St-Joachiam, Chateauguay Quebec in 1722.  

Rene Venet owned a Land grant located in St. Charles Rd by the Seminary de Dt-Sulpice de Montreal on 28 Jun 1723 in Ile de Montreal, QC. He and Marguerite Bigras, his wife, sold the land to Pierre Barbary dit Grandmaison of Point Claire, Ile de Montreal on 9 November 1726 (Notary: P. Raimbault 1697-1727).

Later the couple are known to have leased land (on 28 April 1750) located at the Ste-Marie suburb from Marie-Anne Mogue, widow of Pierre Garreau dit Xainctonge (Saintonge), of the Ste-Marie suburb near the town of Montreal. At that time Rene Venet was a labourer, of the town of Montreal.

He was a Livestock Keeper on 25 Apr 1752 in St. Pierre River near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.(33) working for Augustin Denis, farmer, from the St. Pierre River near Montreal, Quebec.

This couple had 11 children.

One son, Louis-Rene Venet dit Loisel b. 1723 in St-Joachim, Pointe-Claire, QC married Marie-Amable Boulaguet-Saint-Amour, QC in 1754 in Montreal, QC  and they had a son Jean-Louis Loisel-Venet.  This is the generation that the “dit” name Loisel was introduced. Don’t know why.

They had a son Jean-Louis Loisel-Venet b 1757 who married Marie-Louise Boulerice in 1779 in Sault Saint Louis, Kanawake, QC and they had 10 children that were born, married and had families in Chateauguay, QC area.
And that was the generation of Loisel dit Venet name.

In next generation, some of the branches started to migrate outside of Chateauguay to the states and to western Canadian provinces.
One branch migrated to Fitchburg, MA (Joseph Loiselle b. 1822 who married Marie-Anne Laberge, as an example).
Another branch migrated to Chippewa Co., WI (Etienne Loiselle who married Florence Roberts, in particular).
One branch migrated to Gentilly Twp, MN (Paul Louis Loiselle-Venet in particular).

And then there are the Loiselle’s in Saginaw, MI and Sylvan Lake, AB and Lewiston, ME, and Fitchurg, MA and Putnam, CT … and wider from there.

In the 7th Generation, I have Loisel’s in Paspebiac, QC; Montreal and areas in between; Sudbury, ON; Carlton, MN; out west in Sk, MB and MN.  and in Sault Ste Marie, ON, Montreal, QC; Lac Megantic, QC and Manitoba;

In the 8th Generation, I have Loisel’s in Sudbury, ON, Waterville, Maine and Minnesota

In the 9th Generation, I have some in
Cartlon Co., MN and in the 10th generation Saint Louis Co., MN.

I don’t follow this family tree as much as my own, Louis Loisel(le).

I have met many Loisel “cousins” from this tree and look forward to meeting more. 

If you are a descendant of Rene Venet of the “dit Loisel” lines, and want to get connected to the family tree, let me know!


10 Responses to “Rene Venet Descendants”

  1. Doug Edgar Says:

    My paternal grandfather was William Any Loiselle (Aug 28, 1891-1934). His WW1 enlistment papers show his mother to Margeret and living in a small francophone village, St Claud Manitoba. Don’t know if we are related but would very much like to know. I haven’t been able to find any other info thus far.

    • karensinotte Says:

      Doug, I don’t know for sure who the parents of your William Any Loiselle was.
      Did you know any of William Any Loiselle’s relatives of any kind. Does any of this family line – names or places – sound familiar

      For a while, I was thinking that your William Any Loiselle is son of J Alfred Loiselle and Angele Ouellette.
      Angele Ouellette died Dec 26, 1891 and she and J Alfred Loiselle ahd three children born in Elm River MB before then.
      J Alfred Loiselle remarried to Marguerite Major shortly after that on May 19, 1892. J Alfred Loiselle died 1913. I don’t know what became of Marguerite Major, other than if she was indeed listed on your William Any Loiselle’s military record in 1918 in Lisgar MB.

      However, if this is correct that William is son of J Alfred Loiselle, William was not show in Census with J Alfred Loiselle and Marguerite Major in 1891, 1906 or 1911 Census.

      1891 Elm River, Marquette District, Manitoba Census, (T-6293 1)
      22 12 114 Louiselle Alfred 26 Quebec Roman Catholic public school teacher
      22 13 114 Louiselle Angele 30 MB MB MB Roman Catholic –
      22 14 114 Louiselle Alfred 5 Manitoba Roman Catholic –
      22 15 114 Louiselle Antoine 3 Manitoba Roman Catholic –
      22 16 114 Louiselle Philomene 1 Manitoba Roman Catholic –

      According to Henderson’s Manitoba and Northwest Territories Directory for 1892 he was living on Section 30, Twp.7, Rge.5, in 1892.

      1901 Census
      District: MB LISGAR (#7)
      Subdistrict: Dufferin b-3 Page 5
      38 46 Loiselle Alfred M Head M Feb 1 1862 39
      39 46 Loiselle Margaret F Wife M May 19 1851 50
      40 46 Loiselle Alfred M Son S Dec 21 1887 14
      41 46 Loiselle Antoine M Son S Jul 31 1889 12
      42 46 Loiselle Philamene F Daughter S Sep 1 1891 10

      1906 Census
      District: MB Macdonald District (#4)
      Subdistrict: 08 (Townships 7, 8, 9 in range 9 west) Page 23
      21 158 Loisele Alfred Head M M 42
      22 158 Loisele Margret Wife F M 54
      23 158 Loisele Alfred Son M S 19
      24 158 Loisele Antonie Son M S 17
      25 158 Loisele Philomina Daughter M S 15

      1911 Census / Manitoba / MacDonald / 57 Township 5 in range 9 west of the 1st M / page 4
      22 43 Loiselle Alfred M Head M Feb 1863 48
      23 43 Loiselle Margarate F Wife M 1853 58

  2. Doug Edgar Says:

    I found my grandfather on the 1906 Census. He is listed as a workman on telephone line crew. I have seen the above names on these censes, but, since I know virtually nothing about my grandfathers family I have no idea if these people are related.
    As kids, we were told, by my mother, that her grandfather came from Northern France and taught school on an indian reserve. However, my grandfather lists his origin as French Canadian, which leads me to beleive that the family most probably migrated west from Quebec.

    My mother always told us kids that her father ran away from home because he was sick of being a catholic. This may be why it is so difficult to track the history.

    • karensinotte Says:

      I found this entry about other Loiselle’s involved in working with the Metis communities in Manitoba.

      About Oak Lake Manitoba. Those Metis who remained at Oak Lake began to break the land and farm, [30] and were soon joined by a few French-speaking settlers from Quebec and France. Crucial to the survival of this community, set in the middle of a sea of Anglo-Canadian settlement, were the services of the Catholic Church. Served initially by itinerant priests from Brandon, Willow Bunch, and St. Boniface, [31] the Metis and French of Oak Lake petitioned Archbishop Taché for a resident priest in 1886, noting that they had no one among them to baptise, marry, or bury them, and their children were unable to take catechism. This petition was signed by both French Metis and Quebec and Belgian French and gives some idea of the families in the community in 1886. [32] Among them signing was Janvier Loiselle listed as non-Metis. Source: Archives of the Société historique de Saint-Boniface, Fonds Archevêché de Saint-Boniface, Petition pour avoir un prêtre au Lac des Chênes, 8 oct 1886.

      See more about community here.

    • J Graham Coutts Says:

      Doug, my grandmother is Angele Philomen Loiselle, when she was 1 her mother Angele Ouellette died soon after given birth to William Amy. To my mother he was Uncle Bill who had joined the PPCLI gone to France in early 1915 and was twice buried alive and gassed at Ypres in May of that year. I do have a couple of photos of Uncle Bill (William Amy) as well as one of Uncle Alfred (Alfred Jr) and our Great Grandfather Alfred Loiselle.

      Angele, who went by Marie or Mary was raised by Alfred Loiselle’s second wife Marguerite who family stories say was the perfect wicked step mother. Soon after starting school Mary tore her dress for which Marguerite, although married to a school teacher, punished her by never letting her continue. True or not I suspect that Alfred married her in order to look after his three older children while William was set to live with others, likely Ouellette relatives. As such he never appears in any census for whatever reason. Upon Alfred’s death in 1913 Mary, who was working as a domestic in St Boniface, married an Irish immigrant.

  3. Cara Beck Says:

    Wondering if you have ever come across Francoise Loiselle who married Jean-Baptiste Gagne. They had a son Louis born 28 Oct 1852 not sure if in Canada or the US.. Wisconsin

    • karensinotte Says:

      Your Francoise Loiselle is a descendant of Rene Venet, from what I have uncovered. I just recorded the information provided below.
      You have many “cousins” researching this family line. Hope that you are able to connect with them.

      Francoise6 Loiselle (Jean Baptiste5, Jean-Louis4 Loisel-Venet, Louis-Rene3 Venet-Loisel, Rene2 Venet, Laurent1) (Source: Jeannie Goyner – Research Profile for Gonyer) was born 19 May 1821 in Chateauguay, Chateaugay, QC (Source: IGI.). She married Jean-Baptiste Gagne 08 Nov 1842 in Ste. Philomene, Chateaguay, QC, son of Paul Gagne and Josephte Caron. He was born 19 Aug 1820 in St. Clement de Beauharnois, Beauharnois, QC.

      Children of Francoise Loiselle and Jean-Baptiste Gagne are:
      i. Louis7 Gagnier, b. 28 Oct 1852, QC; d. 1916, Rice Lake, Barron Co, WI; m. Malvina Labre; b. Aft. 1852.
      ii. Peter Gagnier, b. Aft. 1842, QC.

  4. Says:

    I am related to Simon Loiselle who came to Cloquet/Carlton Mn. If you would like any information on my line I can be contcted at Tracey_Tawyea at yahoo dot com.

    • karensinotte Says:

      Is there something that you were specifically trying to find. You didn’t provide very much information (no dates or spouses), but I believe this is one Simon Loisel that was in Cloquet MN. He is a descendant of Robert Julian Loisel from the information that I recorded here.

      Simon (Sam)6 Loisel (Andre5 Loiselle, Simeon “Simon”4 Loisel, Andre3, Robert2, Robert Julien1) was born 15 Jan 1896 in Paspebiac, Bonaventure, QC, and died Oct 1981 in Cloquet, Carlton, MN 55720. He married Dorothy Lemaster Bef. 1927 in . She was born 01 Aug 1903, and died Oct 1976 in Cloquet, Carlton, MN 55720.

      Notes for Simon (Sam) Loisel:
      Cloquet City Directory (pages 37-138) of the Cloquet City and Carlton County Directory 1927-1928.
      Loisel Dorothy with B-F-D Co r 424 4th
      Loisel Simon boltermn J-W Co h 424 4th

      Naturalization Papers
      Loisel, Simon County: Carlton Reel: 3 Code: 7 Volume: 3 Page: 177

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