Generation 2 – Francoise Loiselle married Francois Pilot, 1670, and Charles Chevaye, 1689, both in Boucherville, QC and

Francoise Loiselle was daughter of Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot, born  1652 in Montreal.  She was in the small group of children that went to Mde Bourgeoys  first school. She died in 1690 at the age of barely 40,. After two marriages and at least 8 children she died in Boucherville.   She  is second generation Canadian! This is what I know about Francoise
Francoise’s baptism was recorded in Latin: Translation of the baptism document: En ‘annee de Seigneur 1652, l1 26 fevrier, moi Claude Pijart, pretre de la Societe de Jesus, agissant au nom de cette paroise, ai baptise une petite fille nee ce meme jour, dont le pere est Louis Loysel et la mere Marguerite Charlot, les epoux, a qui fut donne le nom de Francoise. Le parrain fut Lambert Closse, la marraine Francois Gode.”
When Mde Marguerite Bourgeoys’ school opened on 30 April 1658, Francoise attended with her sister Jeanne and other 6 other young students of the time
Jeanne and Francoise Loysel were students of Marguerite Bourgeoys. The students of the time, they learned religion and reading, writing and arthmetic. They girls would have also been taught sewing and cooking to help them manage households and farms in that time.
According to PRDH, the marriage contract #94466, took place 27 December 1670 in “Place undetermined in Quebec.”  In L’HERITAGE LOISELLE, by Laurent Boucher, page 56, “Francoise epousa Francois Pilet, le 27 december 1670, a Boucherville.”  Finally, the notaire/notary, Frerot, of Boucherville, witnessed the marriage contract of Francoise Loiselle and Francois Pilet on 27 December 1670.  So, it would seem the marriage took place in Boucherville, sometime after 27 December 1670. 
She had at least 7 children by her first husband.  Her last daughter Marie-Madeleine appears to have been born just after the death of her first husband Francois Pilet died, so Francois Pilet died leaving Francoise with at least 7 children ranging from age 15 to new born. At least the older children would have been able to help out.  She remarried a year later. She had one child with her second husband Charles Chevaye, but the child died two months later. And Francoise herself died a few months later, in Sept 1690, just 40 years old.
It was exciting to meet another “cousin”, Meredith Johanson, in Scremento, California.  She is 10th generation descendant of Francoise Loiselle and Meredith has followed her descendants from daughter to daughter – and this is her maternal family line from :
Francoise Loiselle m. Francois Pilet; their daugher
Jeanne Therese Pilet m. Mathieu Perrin; their daughter
Marie Anne Perrin m. Francois Germain St. Germain; their daughter
Marie Appoline Germain m. Gabriel Cousineau; their daughter
Angelique Cousineau m. Luc Auger; their daughter
Scholastique Auger m. Pierre Clairoux; their daughter
Matilda Clairoux m. Louis LaBarge; their daughter
Nettie Labarge m. Joseph David Gero Boyce; their daughter
Mamie Olive Boyce m. Gilbert Hammond; their daughter
Marian Hammond m. Jack Pearce; their daughter
Meredith Pearce  m. Steve Johanson.
That makes Meredith my 10th cousin.
Meredith has had her mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tested.  MtDNA is passed from a mother to her offspring and because Meredith is a matriline descendant (a daughter of a daughter of a daughter, etc.) of Francoise Loiselle, that means they have the same mtDNA type, which is Haplogroup X.  And so would Francoise’s sisters, as well as her mother, Marguerite Charlot.
I am sure there are loads of other descendants of Francoise Loiselle out there!
Source:LDS family group record CDLF-G8 spouse,her3TK9-T4. Jette pg740(Loisel) pg916(Pilet),remarried 1689 Charles Chenay(pg 244). Pg 1072 Dictionnaire National des Canadiens Francais 1608-1760 marriage.
 About Francoise Loiselle’s family
Francoise3 Loiselle (Louis2 Loisel/Loysel, Louis1) was born 26 Feb 1651/52 in Montreal, QC, and died 13 Sep 1690 in Boucherville, QC. She married (1) Francois Pilet 27 Dec 1670 in Boucherville, QC, son of Louis Pilet and Louise Semilau. He was born 1630 in St-Hilaire-de-Pouillac, Saintonge, France, and died 08 Sep 1688 in Boucherville, QC. She married (2) Charles Chevaye-Vendamois 16 Aug 1689 in Boucherville, QC, son of Antoine Chevaye and Anne Hebert. He was born Oct 1660 in Ste-Marie-Madeleine de Vendôme,Île-de-France, France. 

i. Jeanne-Thérèse4 Pilet, b. 18 Apr 1671, Boucherville, QC; d. 25 Dec 1750, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC; m. (1) Francois Ethier, 22 Apr 1686, Boucherville, QC; b. 1651, St-Martial de Manot, Angoumois, France; d. Bet. 1681 – 1694, Lachenaie, QC; m. (2) Mathieu Perrin, 05 Sep 1694, Lachines, QC; b. 21 Sep 1664, Montreal, QC; d. 23 Jul 1742, Ste Anne de Bellevue (Bout de L’ile), Ile de Montreal, QC.

ii. Marie Pilet, b. 23 Jan 1672/73, Boucherville, QC; d. 27 Jan 1672/73, Boucherville, QC.

iii. Joseph Pilet, b. 31 Mar 1674, Boucherville, QC; d. 23 May 1729, Lachine, QC; m. Jeanne Anne Fortier, 01 Feb 1699/00, Lachine, QC; b. 11 Mar 1680/81, Lachine, QC; d. 02 Nov 1725, Lachine, QC.

iv. Barbe Pilet, b. 16 Jan 1676/77, Boucherville, Chambly Co., QC; d. 02 Jan 1757, Montreal, QC (Hopital-general); m. Toussaint Raymond-Passecampagne, 01 Oct 1696, Montreal, QC; b. 12 Sep 1666, Angulm, Angoumois, France; d. 16 Feb 1740/41, Montreal, QC.

v. Marie-Francoise Pilet, b. 07 Sep 1679, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; d. 29 Nov 1680, Boucherville, QC.

vi. Marie-Marguerite Pilet, b. 13 Feb 1682/83, Boucherville, QC; d. 05 Sep 1744, St-Laurent, QC.

vii. Marie-Madeleine Pilet, b. 1689, Quebec; d. 20 Feb 1732/33, St-Francois-de-Sales, QC; m. Jean Drapeau Laforge, 18 Jul 1689, Boucherville, QC; b. 1647, Foussais, Poitou, France; d. 13 Jun 1725, St-François Î.J, QC.

Child of Francoise Loiselle and Charles Chevaye-Vendamois is:

viii. Marie-Francoise Chevaye4 Vendamois, b. 02 Jun 1690, Boucherville, QC; d. 24 Jul 1690, Boucherville, QC.


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4 Responses to “Generation 2 – Francoise Loiselle married Francois Pilot, 1670, and Charles Chevaye, 1689, both in Boucherville, QC and”

  1. Patricia smith Says:

    Hi I
    We have emailed before. Where does Alfred Loiselle of Lowell and Lynn fit into this picture. You may not know asw he is so hard to find.


    • karensinotte Says:

      Your Alfred Loiselle would be my 4th cousin 3 times removed. He was 9th generation North American – being in Manchester NH from St-Denis, St-Hyacinthe Co., Quebec sometime before he got married there in 1870.

      I found Alfred in the 1871 Census with his parents in Manchester, NH and later in the 1910 Census in Lowell, MA with his wife Anna and his children Leo, Blanche and Emile. His occupation was listed as a painter. Anna and her children in the 1920 census in Lowell MA where she is listed as married and working as a cutter in a Hosiery factory, living with her single children Leo, Blanch and Emile, but Alfred isn’t listed. In 1930, Anna is again listed, widowed, mother of Leo Losielle and his wife Laurette.

      This is her obituary.

      The Lowell Sun – Jan 25, 1938
      Anna Loiselle – Mrs Anna (Lequin) Loiselle died last night at her home, 130 Ennell Street at the age of 63 years, 5 months and 13 days. She had been a resident of this city for the past 40 years. She leaves a daughter, Mrs. Blanche Demonceaus; two sons, Leo and Emile Loiselle, both of this city, six sisters, Mrs Mizidas Langevin of Holyoke, Mrs Dora Lagasse, Mrs Grace Donovan, Alma Lequin and Eva Lequin, all of this city and Mrs Elsi Smith of Hollis NH, four brothers, Arthur, Adelard, Alfred and Archille Lequin, all of this city and 10 grandchildren. She was a member of the St. Anne’s sodality of St. Louis’ parish. The body was removed to the home of her daughter, Mrs Blanch Demonceau, 128 Ennell St.

      NOTE: The Lequin’s are connected twice to Loiselle family tree. Anna Lequin is first cousin of Exilda Lequin that married Damase Loiselle (Alfred and Damase Loiselle are 4th cousins once removed)

      In 1920, there is a Fred J Loiselle, a painter, with wife Margaret C Loiselle and son Harold Loiselle that are living in Lynn, MA. This Fred died in 1948. This is his obituary:
      Fred J. Loiselle, 76, of 90 Union Street died today at a convalescent home after a short illness. A native of Manchester, NH, he lived in Lynn for 35 years, and was employed as a painter.
      He leaves his wife, Mrs. Margaret Loiselle, and a son, Harold Loiselle, and two grandchildren.
      Funeral services will be held on Monday at 3 pm at the W. G Goodrich Funeral Home, 128 Washington Street. Burial will be in Pine Grove Cemetery.
      Lynn Daily Item, Feb. 13 and 14, p. 2, 1948.

      Ancestors of Alfred Loiselle

      Generation No. 1
      1. Alfred Loiselle, born 1871 in Manchester, NH; died Feb 13, 1948 in Lynn, MA married (1) Anna Lequin 06 Jun 1891 in Amesbury, MA and Margaret C in 1916 in Lynn, MA
      Generation No. 2
      2. Hubert Loiselle, born 04 Apr 1849 in St. Denis, S-Hycn., QC; died Aft. 1890 in . married 3. Orise Biron 07 Jul 1870 in Manchester, NH (Ste-Anne’s).

      Generation No. 3
      4. Abraham Pierre Loiselle, born 31 Jan 1826 in St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC; died Aft. 1881 in QC. married 5. Adele Charron-Cobana 26 Oct 1847 in St. Charles, QC.

      Generation No. 4
      8. Prudent Loiselle, born 22 Jan 1797 in Beloeil, QC; died 30 Jan 1857 in Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC. married 9. Julie Tetreault-Ducharme 17 Feb 1817 in St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC.

      Generation No. 5
      16. Toussaint Loiselle, born 02 Nov 1752 in St. Charles-sur-le-Richelieu, QC; died Bet. 1799 – 09 Aug 1802 in married 17. Marie-Josephte Tetreault 26 Sep 1774 in St. Charles, Rouville Co., QC.

      Generation No. 6
      32. Toussaint Loiselle, born 25 Aug 1725 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; died 20 Jun 1772 in St. Charles, Rouville Co., QC married 33. Marie-Anne Hogue 24 Jan 1752 in St. Charles-sur-Richelieu, QC.

      Generation No. 7
      64. Jean-Baptiste Loiselle, born 20 Jul 1692 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC; died 25 Sep 1767 in St. Charles-sur-le-Richelieu, QC married 65. Marie-Anne Beaudry 23 Jan 1718/19 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC.

      Generation No. 8
      128. Joseph Loiselle, born 25 Nov 1654 in Montreal, QC; died 09 Jun 1724 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC. married 129. Jeanne Langlois-Duchene 07 Apr 1682 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC.

      Generation No. 9
      256. Louis Loisel/Loysel, born 1618 in Saint-Germain-la-Blance-Herbe, de Caen (Bayeux), Normandie, France; died 04 Sep 1691 in Montreal, QC. Married Marie-Marguerite Charlot 13 Jan 1647/48 in Montreal, QC (Notre Dame).

      Generation No. 10
      512. Louis Loisel/Loysel, born 1590 in St. Germain de la Blanche Herbe, pres de Caan, Bayeux, Normandie, France; died Bet. 1624 – 1684 in St. Germain-de-la-Blanche-Herbe, Normandy, France. He married 513. Jeanne LeTerrier 1616 in St. Germain-de-la-Blanche-Herbe, Normandy, France.

  2. Humberto Liselle Says:

    I have a picture of Abraham Loiselle and his wife (generation 3). He is the brother of my great-great-grand-father Moises. I have also pictures of other siblings of his.
    I also have the letter of the wife of Prudent Loiselle to Moises, with details of the death of Prudent. Prudent is buried under the church in St-Marc-sur-Richelieau. Also his death notice in la Minerve. The ascentral house still exit in the town. Also a letter from another sibling, Margarite, to Moises son, Eduardo.

  3. Humberto Loiselle Says:

    If you want a picture of Abraham (generation 3) or a letter from Veronique Poulette (second wife of Prudent Loiselle – generation 4) let me know or from Margerite Loiselle to Moise Loiselle (the first sibling of Abraham, the second nephew of Abraham).

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