How I got Started

It was maybe back in 1990 that that I started researching my family tree. I was looking for my Canadian identity. Back then I didn’t know it … but now I know that I am 13th generation french canadian and 5th generation Ukrainian Canadian. You can’t get any more “Canadian” than that.

It probably took me 10 years to figure out that Sinotte was a “dit” name for Loiselle and that that made me at 13 generation descendant of Louis Loisel who arrived in Montreal in Aug 1647, was a locksmith by trade and he married Marguerite Charlot on 13 January 1648 at Notre Dame in Montreal. The community in Montreal at that time was quite small. Attending their wedding were Seigneur Paul de Domedey de Maissonneuve (see biography), Gilbert Barbier, Charles le Moyne. The wedding was at the house of “la Bienheureuse Marie du Mont-Royal”. (Jeanne Mance). This began the Loisel Canadian family tree.

I look forward to sharing my genealogy journey and stories of the Loiselle and Sinotte “cousins” that I have met along the way. I look forward to meeting many more.


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7 Responses to “How I got Started”

  1. Geraldine Says:

    Looking good and looking forward to reading it more when I have some more time. Looks quite interesting, seeing where the ancestors came from and who they were.

  2. karensinotte Says:

    Thanks to comment from a Loiselle cousin, Sharon,fixed posting to reflect that Louis Loisel and Marguerite Charlot were married at the house of Jeanne Mance not Marguerite Bourgeoys! Thanks Sharon

  3. Martin Says:

    Hey Karen I’m interested in my familly too I was wondering if mikall sinott was anywhere in the he later went and changed his name to Mack Sennett

    • karensinotte Says:

      I suspect that your Sinott – Sennett’s aren’t related to mine.
      Mine are of French Canadian descent as a “dit” name of Loisel.
      There are other Sinott and Sennett that are from England and/or Ireland.
      Do you have any other details of your Mikall Sinott in terms of year and places

    • karensinotte Says:

      Sinott and Sennett’s are not likely related to my Sinotte’s which are french Canadian descendants.
      The spelling of Sinott and Sennett’s are english or irish maybe.
      do you know your long ago heritage?

  4. john in NL Says:

    Pretty amazing story cousin. I am a descendant as well. My maternal grandmother never knew of her rich heritage. I have found settlers in early Massachusetts, United Empire Loyalists and a reputed (and mysterious) Indian Princess.

  5. Marguerite Lord Loiselle l Says:

    I would like to know if your make a book of the Loiselle-dit Sinotte ,I have all my husband genelogie but I have lots of date missing
    You make a good job on the family story .good luck

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